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Zimbabwe is not vindictive malicious or petty, Matemadanda tells failed asylum seekers as UK returnees demand to stay at Sherato

26 Apr 2020 at 07:49hrs | Views
The deputy minister Of defence and The ZANU PF NATIONAL POLITICAL COMMISSAR said Zimbabwe has shown that it is not petty or malicious. Cde Matemadanda spoke as one  of the United Kingdom-based Zimbabweans who is believed to have attacked Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo and his delegation while on Government business in London is among the 26 returnees quarantined at Belvedere Technical Teachers' College. However there is a confusion here the one who held placards and sang profanity attacking the state of Zimbabwe and pouring water on the Minister and his entourage, the one who slapped Dr MAVAZA is called Mary Ndoro. So this Nyandoro is seriously a mistaken identity.  

 The attacker, Ms Mary  Ndoro not Nyandoro, who is a known MDC-A activist is Zimbabwean who sought asylum in the UK vilifying Zimbabwe and campaigning for sanctions against Zimbabwe. Ndoro with her accomplices attacked the minister poured water on his heard. She slapped Dr MAVAZA across the face calling him  Mnangagwa dog a killer and a ZANU PF idiot. She has spent her time in the UK demonstrating against Zimbabwe and requesting for more sanctions in Zimbabwe.
She is also believed to be one of the people who tried to resist compulsory quarantine at the college citing "poor conditions" and preferred to be accommodated in a hotel. The trusted sources have indicated that Ndoro is still in England. She has no stay in England and she is unlikely going to leave the UK. In the flight which carried the 26 quarantined Zimbabweans there was no one deported. Currently deportations are suspended in the UK. It is unfortunate that we have people who have contributed to our current economic crisis by persuading countries that imposed sanctions on us,wanting further attention causing many people including respond to such attention seeking. Comrade Matemadanda said

"1. They went to Europe claiming that they are under persecution from government agents so that they find asylum in those countries, they come back no questions asked but they are not ashamed to demand five star treatment when they continue to campaign for the down fall of our economy. " cde Matemadanda added.  If indeed that Nyandoro is the same person as Ndoro we will forgive her this country is for all of the Zimbabweans the patriots and traitors alike we welcome you to our country. We are not bad people.

2.UK is not the only diaspora,  whilst we should appreciate work being done by our people in the diaspora, some, intact most who are very patriotic to their country, we can not allow lumpenic attitudes to continue to prevail.

3. Tax payers' money being used and ofcourse kind donations from well wishers, can not be focused on attention seekers.

4. We have always encouraged Zimbabweans to be patriotic and promote investment, unity and development among many other issues so that we have an economy that can sustain our needs in times like this. Remember this is a worldwide crisis. No country can sacrifice its people to save foreigners, hence the call for foreign nationals to go back to their countries, they don't ask you how government is going to treat you like they did when you were lying that you are on a  death warrant.

5. This second Republic is not going to harass anyone including the likes of Ndoro but only wishes that they reform and become real. You can not continue to lie all the time and succeed, at times situations will prove you wrong.

6. Patriotism does not mean supporting ZANU PF but being loyal to your country. You cannot make all the population suffer for personal agradisement and then demand a five star treatment under covid 19.

7. We hope this unfortunate situation saves as a lesson to all who are going to survive that together we can work to prepare for any such future challenges, and that where ever we go let us promote our country, yes let's talk about and criticize all bad things but in a constructive manner. Let us learn to engage, don't pretend you monopolise knowledge before you hear my side.

8. And finally I urge all Zimbabweans to focus on the future, forget the past and strive to  build a brighter future knowing that the only country we can confidently call our home is Zimbabwe. These other countries may want our services when things are normal but "kanazvashata vanoti endai kwenyu and we cant blame them for that. "I have received alot of communication from neighbouring countries,our people wanting to be helped to come home, my assurance is that we are taking your calls seriously and Government is doing all it can to facilitate your coming back home. We however should follow international protocols in trying to bring our people back home and together open a new chapter. This is the time to get United as Zimbabweans, this includes the likes of Nyandoro, we don't despise you, we hope you  got your lesson that home is home and home is best. Our President, the visionary leader HE Mnangagwa and the nation at large want and demands your patriotic support. No doubt the President has been proved visionary by the events. Mwari pakufamba kwevana va Israel aitaura na moses but vazhinji Havana kuziva kuti mwari ari pakati pavo. When our President talked about re-engagement and engagement, opening for business, many criticized the efforts but look at the level of aid that we are receiving because of his efforts, remember this is not the first disaster to strike,cyclone Idai visited us a short time ago and today we're under covid 19. Not forgetting sanctions. He is steering the ship in these rocky,muddy fast flowing dangerous waters. Very calm, calculative,never losing sight of set vision but very patient never responding to side shows. That's my and your President ED Mnangagwa, Shumba, Chikara ndiyo Nyaningwe,venevesango,mushavi,mudyandakatanyanga. Vamwe voti ngwena isingadyi zvebamba zvayo zvovuya nemuronga.maita chibga ndiye mwana wachivi.chisochakafanana kutsamwa kana kufara hachichinji.zvaitwa mushavi shavirai nyika ndozvakatongwa Tanganyika musikana zvakatevegwa ne handa yeshumba nhasi zvazadziswa.chengaose.kunyange matanda anemasvosve anoruma mutakuri musasiye.vakuru vedu vakati tinovonana pakuwambuka."

Matemadanda said Ndoro will be forgiven Zimbabwe is not malicious. Matemadanda maintains that Diaspora plays a good role in our economy but they are those who always are against their country. They never say anything good about Zimbabwe. They portray Zimbabwe as a death bad as a dark hole and as a hopeless country. They always criticise Zimbabwe at any time they get a chance to do so". Some think that MDC is above Zimbabwe they love MDC more than the way they love ZIMBABWE. They should love ZIMBABWE first. Despite all lies Zimbabweans create in order to gain Asylum they must always remember that Zimbabwe is the only country they can call theirs.
However we will forgive them Zimbabwe needs and will accept its citizens back home. We agree we are facing economic challenges but the country is doing its best. It need diaspora to help it move. It is surprising that there are a lot in diaspora who shade a gloom picture of Zimbabwe.

If this country was evil Ndoro will have been arrested at the air port.
Nyandoro who is now demanding to be housed in a hotel and she wants to be provided with a driver a car. Is not the same Ndoro and the mixup is regrettable. Mary Nyandoro is not Ndoro but she is the one inviting no fellow quarantined UK returnees to demonstrate. The most surprising thing she takes videos of her self talking rubbish of the goodness provided to her by Zimbabwe and she sends them to England. One wonders why these returnees are sending their complaints to the UK not to the relevant authority.

We hope the UK government will see that we are not monsters. Even people who a threat to our security our peace and our economy are even taken care of. Mary Ndoro who is still in the UK campaigned for Zimbabwe to suffer and then  we have another Mary this time Nyandoro who comes to Zimbabwe to EXPOSE the whole nation to Corona virus. The day she left England Over fifteen thousand people had died in England with over fifty thousand tested positive of Covid.  She made a conscious decision to come to Zimbabwe to expose the nation to Corona virus. She then requests a five star treatment. Ahhhh. This provocation at its best but Zimbabwe will keep silent will forgive her as we will forgive any anti Zimbabwe activists in diaspora should they get tired of vilifying us and come home.
Zimbabwe is open far business.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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