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Will Tendai Biti and job Sikhala join Zanu-PF as MDC MPs are recalled?

08 May 2020 at 19:40hrs | Views
The old saying that "if you stay in the glass house do not throw stones." It goes on to say if stones are to be thrown back you must not cry the loudest. MDC in all its shapes has been masquerading as democrats who are governed by the constitution. They have sold the constitutionalism card to the world over yet they were struggling with just keeping their own constitution.  A story was told about a Milk man in the beautiful village of MAVAZA somewhere in  Goromonzi under chief Chikwaka. There was a man who used to sale milk. He was a very smart and charming man. Every morning he will cycle through villages like Chikodzonga ,Mabhureza,Nhau Maendesa ngoshi going as far as Mavhudzi. People loved his milk they will wait on him every morning for the milk. He will cycle his Bicycle we used to call it "Hodha bike" loaded with litres of milk. He will cycle home with no milk left. But one day Mr Shine cycled through all the villages. People rushed to him to buy. But on seeing him they just turned back. Not even one bought his milk. Dejected and disappointed he went home he mourned to his wife that nobody bought his milk. The wife looked at him and reached for a mirror she showed him the mirror. Lo and behold a lump of a green mucus (Bogies) soiled his white suit jacket. It was so disgusting such that whoever looked at him could be so disgusted and will never want to buy the milk. The milk man forgot to examine himself and he lost customers.

So the  Supreme Court ruling to the effect that Nelson Chamisa is not the legitimate leader of the main opposition MDC, was the mirror into the actions of the MDC. This was a damning indictment on the party's failure to adhere to constitutionalism, which has opened the eyes of every Zimbabwean to the fact that those who talk too much deliver too little. MDC has failed  to uphold constitutionalism, which has left it vulnerable. The judgment  exposed MSC's lies and the Wolfe cries they cracked through the peace loving nation since 1999. MDC has failed to show the world the importance of upholding constitutional order it has been prophesying since its formation in 1999.

Justice Bharat Patel delivered a judgment concerning a long-standing legal battle over the leadership of the MDC-T.

The short comings of the MDC has manifested in the political circus we are now favoured to watch for free.  
The dictator ship of Chamisa and his lawless lawyers and Partners in democratic crime Tendai Biti Job Sikhala and the whole lot of disgraced learning friends has bore some fruits this week when Speaker of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda announced that Hon Mutseyami, Khumalo & Chalton Hwende are no longer Members of Parliament following a recall by their party MDCT.  This opened the constituencies to by-elections.

What is clear in the unfolding saga is that stones were thrown from a glass house as Hwende started this whole thing by writing to Parliament purporting to be withdrawing Senetor Morgen Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora and Elias Mudzuri from their respective legislative houses. However, the stones were thrown back and the glass house is tumbling down. What this served to confirm was that in terms section 5.10(a) of the MDC Constitution Hwende had automatically terminated his membership of the MDC. This is so because he said he now belonged to a different party than the party that sponsored him to Parliament. Instead of congregating to do the right thing  Hwende was misled by Biti, Sikhala and other chancers. It became very clear that they chose to take a path of disregarding the law and lean on the side of popularity than that of law. They have chosen to disrespect their own   party constitution as well as the Court decision.
Unknown to Chamisa and Hwende the power lies in the law. So those who within MDC leaned on the side of the law Were left with no choice but to recall them.   

It was once again a democratic and legal way used to recall the outlaws. The irony of the matter is those who were cheering them on as they broke the law managed to keep their parliamentary seats as they never belonged to MDC T. Biti has his own party Sikhala leads his own and Welshman leads his. What became of Hwende, he took his comfortable seat in the political dustbin.  

Chamisa should have known better that Sikhala and Biti have always been political prostitutes and be rest assured  they might be negotiating to join ZANU PF for 2023.   

It will not be surprised to see Chamisa and his misguided faithfuls accusing the hand of ZANU PF in their demise.

When someone is kicking his last kicks he begins to see things and hear voices. Sure enough MDC will be seeing the hand of ZANU PF where it is not.  

The point which must be understood by all the detractors is that ZANU PF yearns for a strong opposition. ZANU PF fares very well when it has a strong opponent. It is ZANU PF which fought for a one man one vote system in Zimbabwe. It is the party which  brought democracy in the country. That was a principle the heroes died for and can not rejoice in being in the one man race. So ZANU PF takes no pride in a dead MDC.

All ZANU PF wishes is to see a legitimate opposition with legitimate leaders.   The
judgment clearly shows MDC's failure to uphold constitutionalism, and the stubbornness of them to refuse to implement the decision of the court has left the MDC as a party not fit to preside over a nation or even to be trusted with the keys to the state house.  

The judgement puts it clear that the man who was among the democrats was a wolf in sheep's skin.
It  is a signal to those members of Parliament who got into Parliament on the MDC ticket to be clear on what they stand for- constitutionalism or populism.  It will be a curse of our nation to have our parliament graced by those who respect no law yet wish to debate the laws they do not believe in. The legitimate leaders of the MDC must cleanse their party by recalling all those who cling to the unlawfulness. A self respecting party must be seen to be abiding with the laws of the country they claim to be theirs. It is as simple as that.

Those in the MDC who have swallowed their pride and submitted themselves under the law must not look back or be intimidated by those political prostitutes who are opportunists. They must rebuild an opposition which must be respected for being lawful and legal.  They must be bound by court's decision and avoid a contemptuous behaviour caked as activism.  

Mwonzora and Komichi have shown that they are in charge of the MDC and the parliament has leaned on the side of the law.

The so called vanguard are trying to intimidate party provincial staff. This intimidation amounts to criminal behaviour and  should the long hands of justice reach their misdeeds they must not cry foul or start alleging interference by ZANU PF.

The executive which was pushed in from Gweru have no basis to stand as MDC leaders. They were simply trying to massage their unlawfulness. What happened in Parliament was a clear sign that the court order was not a bluff.

The days of pretending to be leaders are now numbered.

In  a very embarrassing moments of madness  there were unreasonable comments about the judgment, which came from Tendai Biti (MDC-Alliance vice-president), Welshman Ncube (MDC-Alliance vice-president), David Coltart (MDC-Alliance Treasurer) and others, all berating the judgment and insinuating that the judgement was the work of Zanu PF and that it had no effect on the MDC-Alliance (MDC-A).

Tendai Biti on his Twitter handle, wrote, "Let's make it clear this point once more for the umpteenth time. The MDC-Alliance was not a party to the Supreme Court litigation. It was neither an appellant nor a respondent.

Judgment does not bind us. It is brutum fulmen (an ineffectual legal judgement). Adv Chamisa is our President. Our next Congress is 2024".

Welshman Ncube, in turn wrote, "Legally, the MDC-A was not before the court and cannot be bound by a judgment to which it is not a party and which in any event is not directed at it. Politically, the people Always decide. Period".

David Coltart, in an article he penned in response to the judgment, stated that the judgment was moot and academic and the court had accepted that. He also queried the timing of the judgment as the courts were not handling trials due to the coronavirus pandemic, save for urgent matters.

The embarrassing thing is all these leaders are lawyers. How the illegality of their actions escaped their legal mind baffles everybody.

The reality of the matter is that these guys will not hesitate to join any party.
You will not be surprised to learn that Biti is negotiating your join ZANU PF so is Job Sikhala.
Very soon we will see them coming up with theories meant to demonise ZANU PF.

In this Supreme Court MDC A paid Mpofu to represent them. It becomes a joke for Welshman NCUBE and Biti to say that MDC A was not party to the proceedings. There is nothing called MDC A.

The sad thing is there are multitudes who are lost. Who have been fooled by the MDC A and are now believing that the whole issue was political. No it was politics in the shadows of law.
Those who do not abide by the judgement must be recalled.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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