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Dr Shingi Munyeza; a canary in a coal mine

14 May 2020 at 14:06hrs | Views
As a millenial growing up in the digital age where millions of videos whizz about online, it's hard to take it all in and make head or tail.

But I could not ignore one snippet last Sunday in which Dr Shingi Munyeza blasted President Munangagwa' s government as 'satanic'.

Speaking from the pulpit, he literally breathed fire and brimstone against the very same government he advises in the 26-member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) cherry-picked by the President.

" At a national level, Zimbabwe has been ruled by a toxic and oppressive political system. Enough is enough! The occult cannot continue to subjugate, abuse and oppressive us as a people anymore because God wants to deliver us as a nation," Munyeza said in a sermon to his Borrowdale Community Church streamed online.

That alone was an expose Munangagwa is increasingly losing grip on the Presidential Advisory Council- a select grouping of man and women who should advise, give strategy and referee on the day to day running of national affairs.

Under normal circumstances, PAC members have laid down rules of angagement. Lines of communication are clearly drawn in the sand.
So when a respected cleric and businessman in Dr Shingi' s ilk takes to firing salvos from the sidelines, something is amiss.

Describing Mnangagwa's regime as "oppressive, corrupt, inhumane, brutal and ruthless", Munyeza even indicated the system he was presiding over was incorrigible, beyond redemption.

Could it be testimonial there are rifts, factions and power mongering cohorts in the top echelons of government?

Initially, we saw newspaper publisher and media magnet Trevor Ncube breaking ranks with the PAC he is part of, shooting salvos at Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obediah Moyo.

Trevor tweeted that the minister was somehow clueless, incompetent, lacked initiative and was underserving of the ministerial post due to his response to the coronavirus pandemic rampaging across the world.

Many people defended the minister indicating he had his hands tied to the back.

Zimbabwe' s healthcare system has been struggling in the abyss for long now owing to 'brain drain' as the best brains look for greener pastures in foreign shores.

The death dozens of Zimbawean nationals working at the frontier fighting coronavirus in the UK healthcare facilities is amble evidence.

Also there has been an increased level of neglect to invest, refurbish erstwhile infrastructure by the government apart from waiting for the donor community to chip in.

Given that, blaming one man Minister Moyo, a latter- day minister for the ill- state of the entire healthcare system was either  undue, smacked of sour grapes or a darker hand pushing an ulterior motive.

PAC members have a bird's eye view of the government. They, because of their unfettered proximity to power have access to even some classified government information.

Could it be that Munangagwa erred when he publicly, infamously and  shamelessly announced that Kukwakwashe Tagwirei of Sakunda is the Biblical Peter who literally  showed unparrelled loyalty to him when he donated a sizeable quantity of Personal Protective Equipment(PPES)to fight against coronavirus.

Kuda Tagwirei through his company Sakunda holdings, refurbished new state-of-the-art clinic in Mt Pleasant running into thousands of the greenback later giving it to government for public use.

During the handover ceremony Munangagwa went Biblical drawing an analogy from the Bible saying Jesus, had many disciples but of the lot, Peter was dear and favoured.

That assertion could have irked other members of the PAC like Dr Munyeza who are now breaking ranks.

On the other hand, most PAC members are notable members of society who somewhat run their business empires and cannot afford to see them crumble to smithereens in futility yet in the PAC, they extol Munangagwa and Co to the High Heavens.

President Munangagwa should come out in the open how he responds to such accusations from one of his own.

It is apparent Dr Munyeza has seen enough to want to throw caution to the wind and take to the internet of things with the accusations.

Is it mere rhetoric or political grandstanding?
Munangagwa should not be cowering in a corner when a colleague like Munyeza throws down the gauntlet.

 Munyeza accuses him of appearing like a 'demigod' viewing citizens as 'slaves' on the Zimbabwean body politic.

How is Munangagwa to respond to the man whose word and stature he valued enough to conscript him on the high-level PAC?

I think Munyeza, warts and all is our contemporary canary in a coal mine warning of imminent catastrophe.
What he said deserves closer inspection not just cursory glances. He is no ordinary layman on the streets of Harare.

We hear of cartels in mining, fuel and grain sector.

The politically connected are running flourishing business in an economy as dry as snuff while wanna-be businesses are burdened with excruciating redtape.

From that pulpit in Borrowdale, Munyeza summarised a gamut of ills that many fear to say.

There is something that triggered and pushed him over the edge.

President Munangagwa should come out scarf and all in the ring. Battle lines have been drawn.
He prides himself as a listening leader with an open -door policy.

Surely Munyeza would have had no difficulties in getting an invitation for tea and biscuits at State House and thash out issues.

Is he aligning himself towards a third force coming as we hear on the streets?

He is not paid for his membership to the PAC but surely that pedestal perch on national affairs is glamorous if not sought-after.

Could it be Munyeza is following his conscience not to do bad things he has seen in the corridors of power? If so, then he is an honorable man.

Josiah Mucharowana is a trained journalist living in Pretoria.

Source - Josiah Mucharowana in Pretoria
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