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Zimbabwe's political abductions

15 May 2020 at 14:58hrs | Views
Yes we now know Itai Dzamara was abducted because he has been missing for years now, but we dont know if recent abductions were real or choreographed.

We all know the abductions of Gonyeti, Dr Mugombei and recently the three MDC Chamisa youth wing leaders's abductions.

In the story of Mugombei we were told that he was abducted and dumped in the bush after some days but after he has been found we were expecting him to give us his story of how he was abducted and what really happened to him during the abduction and how his phone kept power for 2-3 days but all those questions were never answered by the Dr. What we know is that he quickly went to South Africa for treatment and some therapy and from there his abduction story just had a natural death. Our questions were never answered.

Two days ago we were told MDC activists were demonstarting in Warren Park . I am told they were a group of youth, and we even saw pictures of demonstrators. We were told when they reached the Warren Park Road Block they were then arrested.
I thought maybe they were arrested by police manning the Warren Park Roadblock but only for the polices pokesperson to deny that the three activists were not under any arrest.

Some questions remain unanswered in the abduction of the 3 MDC Chamisa activists.They were a group of demonstrators and only 3 were arrested.Where were the other members of the group when this happened? Why cant we get a narrative report of what happened when the three were taken away from other demonstartors.Who took the three activists? Were they taken by police officers in uniform or they were just people who just took them away? What kind of a car were they bundle in and what was the registration number of the car? I was expecting to read something like this from our newspapers but there is none.

Get me right. I am not saying the three ladies were not abducted but i am saying the type of journalism we are having in Zimbabwe is just below standard. How can a whole media house run a story with a lot of missing gaps like these? In the story of Dzamara details were there.We were told he was at a barber shop and men with guns driving cars without number plates took him away but the story of Magombei and the three MDC Chamisa youth activists such important details are missing.

Meanwhile I wish Joana Mamombe and friends to have a speedy recovery.

Etiwel Mutero is a political analyst,archivist, author and a prospective farmer.+264817871070

Source - Etiwel Mutero
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