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Please help, our daughter has been brutally assaulted by Zimbabwe Secret Service: Joanne Mamombe our girl-child!

15 May 2020 at 20:24hrs | Views
Is this the rogue government that begged funding for coronavirus from international donors just last month of April, asking for forgiveness from the western donors for their past actions and insulting manner against them: the UK was insulted most? The assault of Hon. Joanne Mamombe and other activists will not go unchallenged. I will send this article to government of Germany, EU-Human Rights Desk, Women's international bodies, the United Nations and Amnesty International. The folk tongued Zanu PF shenanigans regarding the economy and social degradation of this country with the hope of getting away with murder must be challenged with all disgust it deserves.

Prior to this incidence of Hon. Mamombe, previous week the police savagely beat women who were on their way to buy groceries during the lockdown in Bulawayo. Instead of at least arresting them, they were beaten up cruelly, it appears this is the language the Zimbabwe state organs know best: the indiscriminate cruft beating of citizens to submission. Citizens live in the constant state of fear of being man-handled by the state organs, police, the army, and the notorious secret service CIO.

If the citizens are not allowed to do groceries how are they going to survive the lockdown period. The lockdown was not communicated to the public by the government to adequately prepare the public for future uncertainties. It should have been clearly communicated by the government how citizens were going to safely buy food reserves in the lockdown period.

Sending this article to the international government, institutions and donor bodies is to inform them once more about the Zanu regime and its cruelty to women and activists. The Finance Minister goes to beg financial assistance telling liars with straight face that Mnangagwa regime is changed, in retrospect it is not. Mnangagwa regime is folk-tongued, the world should never assist this government in any way or form. Our daughter Joanne Mamombe has been savagely beaten by government thugs who have no value for life whatsoever. Minister Mthuli Ncube should be ashamed of himself for telling liars about a Zanu regime that has not changed.  

The Zimbabwean government will not have the bailout they begged for from the World Bank, IMF, and the Africa Development Bank because they cannot be seen assisting thugs and a criminal government of Zanu PF. They have failed to resuscitate the economy; They have been denied assistance from world money lenders, now verge their venomous anger and vitriol on women and unarmed activists. This is cowardice of the highest order. One cannot even say "shame on you" because Zanu PF is a government that has no shame, its beyond it. Zanu is a government of thugs, swindlers, vicious ruffians, murderers and absolute cruel in silencing dissenting voices. They would have murdered Hon. Mamombe in the way they "murdered" activist Itai Dzamara. Our fellow citizen disappeared without trace to this day. We are cocksure he was murdered.
Emmerson Mnangagwa is not Mugabe mark two, but much worse than the previous regime of Robert Mugabe. Mnangagwa is lethal in all his activities as a politician; his savage and criminal mind stops at nothing short of eliminating his political foes. He is fingered as the person who eliminated General Solomon Mujuru at the behest of Robert Mugabe. The dirty work of eliminating political opponents has been executed by Mnangagwa himself. They do not call him crocodile for nothing: there is a lot in what the nickname stands for.

How many times has Mnangagwa told the world that he is a different leader than Robert Mugabe? If the international community were stupid enough: Mnangagwa in his limited thought faculties thinks they are, they would have bought his mantra: "Zimbabwe is open for business." My foot!  

Ever since Mnangagwa took over from his mentor Robert Mugabe we have seen deaths in the streets of people who were exercising their right to demonstrate: we have witnessed brutalized beaten citizens, maimed, some left for dead. Their sins were exercising their right to demonstrate, a right curiously enshrined in the constitution.

Hundreds of people perished and their deaths undocumented during the coup and nobody will know how many of them died. We see brute force applied to citizens for trying to survive by vending in a brutal economy whose government does not show any of responsibility on them.
Honourable Joanne Mamombe and other legislators are young and dynamic women who give us hope and future responsibility of this great nation. We are genuinely concerned if the brutal government targets resourceful and empowered women like Mamombe: we all know that the future of any nation depends on its educated women. The secret service targeted them because their activism could be a gamechanger for this government.

It is indeed not the strength of Zanu PF to dialogue with opposing forces but to cow them to submission by brutalizing them to silence. By the looks of the photos, Mamombe and her compatriots were brutally beaten by secret service CIO that denied them their right to express themselves in the demonstrations.

We shall attach all these photos to the international community as evidence of state and structural violence on women and activists. We would tell them, if you bailed out Zimbabwe, that assistance could pay criminal secret service, trained to brutalize its unarmed citizens. We are relieved that so far assistance has been turned down by institutions because the Zanu government is a government run by criminals and thugs in the sense of the word evidenced by so many events that left unarmed citizens murdered, maimed and brutalized to silence since independence. Zimbabwe is known for not paying its debts for about 26 years.

The government of Zimbabwe cannot get a bailout because this government has resources in abundance. They need to go to the foreign banks where they deposited billions of dollars of diamond revenues. Mugabe spoke about 15 billion US dollars in foreign banks. We know that before the coup, Chiwenga had gone to China to negotiate 7 billion US dollars into his private account because he was removing Mugabe from power.

For Finance Minister to ask for a paltry 200 million dollars from the donor agencies whereas Zimbabwe revenues that amount to billions of US dollars are in foreign banks does not make sense. Again, there are 3 billion US dollars cash given to the agricultural sector and is circulating as we speak. Was it not going to make sense to retrieve that 3 billion US dollars to facilitate the challenges of the coronavirus global pandemic?

For some reason not known but to us Africans: we think that if we appeal for funding using our destitution, the world money-lending bodies will respond with kindness to the extent of overlooking the thuggery and criminality of some of our African regimes. When it comes to looting of state treasury, Zimbabwe could top the list in Africa of corrupt activities from the President, the VP Chiwenga going down to civil servants.

The little monies that has been allocated to coronavirus by the finance ministry has been looted by officials so far and citizens have got nothing ever since the epidemic started. The question is, what bailout funding will survive grand scale of looting in this country and what mechanisms has Mthuli Ncube put in place to make sure the bailout sees the light of day?

We have our brothers and sisters stranded in Beit-Bridge and Plumtree borders. This should inform us about the irresponsibility of our government of Zanu. Good government with some semblance of responsibility to its citizens could have solved the cross-border congestions long back. Zimbabwe citizens are stranded in South Africa and are left to fend on their own with little or nothing in this lockdown period. In Botswana they are repatriated back home with little or nothing to fall back on. The coronavirus pandemic is rocking the nation just like all other countries in the world.

Mthuli Ncube is using our destitution as a begging chip to money lenders to beef the looting trough of Zanu PF once more. This is a government that has dismissed and absolved itself from duty and services of its citizens and has surrendered the national responsibilities to the  WB, IMF, Africa Development Bank, and the UK. But they continue to loot the diamond revenues with the help of Chinese investors to this day.

We are deeply concerned that this government of Zanu PF should have been removed by the UN years back. Zimbabwe has had a repressive government that meets all criteria of being recalled by the UN. Zimbabwe government crossed the red line long back. UN army should remove this Zanu PF regime and set up a UN transitional administration that will implement electoral and economic reforms: Without an interim NTA: Zimbabwe will plunge southern African region to chaos: On that point Mthuli Ncube was right.

We ask the international community to take great exceptions regarding the savage beatings of Honourable Mamombe and other legislators and activists. We ask for tangible actions that will give a strong message to Mnangagwa regime and tell it: it cannot go on like this. We are appealing to the international community because we are on our own. In such situation like the beating of Honourable Mamombe, we cannot even approach SADC or the African Union because to them these are daily trivialities in the Sub-Sahara Africa that has no significance whatsoever. Deaths and loss of life does not affect these bodies much, their inaction make us to conclude that they do not really care about women.

I attach the photos of our cruelly beaten daughter Joanne Mamombe and other activists. An assault to one woman should be an assault to all global women. We demand justice and no less, the situation cannot go on unchallenged, please do something to put end to suffering of millions of people. Honourable Mamombe was challenging the brutality of the regime hence she was arrested by the notorious secret service: the dreaded CIO.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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