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Separate boys from men in MDC-Alliance

16 May 2020 at 13:04hrs | Views
MDC Alliance must not ring fence those who want to join the ZANU PF jamboree fronted by Thokozani Khupe , Douglas Mwonzora, Morgen Komichi and Elias Mudzuri. They must do so freely and there is no need to stop them.

You do not need a rocket scientist to tell you that they have been planted by the regime just to cause confusion. Members of Parliament who are ideologically bankrupt, unpatriotic and who do not know the cause should leave.

The majority of people should start wondering why the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi was finding it difficult to win all these years he contested. Of course allegations of rigging cannot be completely ignored but it is now crystal clear that there are machinations meant to scuttle and disturb every move, when the ball is just in the penalty area.

Members of the opposition who want to serve the people must be objective, self centred and pragmatic.

Those who want to go should do so in good faith. Like people who want to move from one house to another they should do so in broad daylight when all the people are watching. They should not cover their faces like Boko Haram which is about to strike.

The Bible says - "In the year that King Uziah died I saw the Lord". So such people must go for the people to get their freedom.

It is difficult for people to wrap their heads around the numerous ways of their lives, this entire country - would feel more stable, secure, and directed right, if people were allowed to vote for the leaders of their choice.

Right now there is chaos in MDC-ALLIANCE because of the implications of the judgment passed by the Supreme Court and the fundamental rights of the voters.

Voters are not experts in law interpretation and do not have a say in the judgment. Why did the nomination court allowed MDC-Alliance to register their name and later the Supreme Court sending another judgement two years later?

I have been closely watching how our courts are operating and I have concluded that we have lost the radar.

The country has lost its judicial, political decency, morales, respect, integrity, ethical, and non-discriminatory foundation.

The country is struggling to get the best person for the job who will be tasked at trying to unite people back to being loving and caring about each other and working harder for the nation.

We need a brilliant leader who acts with integrity and dignity, who has empathy for others and who is educated, intelligent and genuine. Unlike the vile, self-serving leadership.

This current new "administration" is, without any doubt, the worst thing that has ever happened to our once great country but the youthful people will fix it.

2023 is just around the corner and already we have lost the entire 2020 because of this #Covid19 pandemic where there was no political activity on the ground besides the Corona Supreme Court Judgement on who should take control of MDC- leadership.

Mobilisation should start in the earnest to   make sure everyone is registered to vote.  Churches, synagogues and temples, must be approached and help spread the good gospel of voting and help in voter education.

The tragedy unfolding in Zimbabwe is further evidence of a broken political system. Looking at it from the outside it is so clear that this is not the ‘great'  Zimbabwe people dreamt of. The people are still brainwashed into thinking that Zanu PF is the only party which can bring success to Zimbabwe.

The part of the problem is emanating from above. The gap between the rich and poor and the standard of living for the many is disgraceful. Poverty is growing everywhere like mushrooms.

This is the time for the opposition to embark on compulsory voter education. That would be a good first step to restoring some balance. Zimbabwe needs a new inclusive political approach.


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