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Banning kombis a blow to the transport industry

17 May 2020 at 15:14hrs | Views
Whilst government monopoly regulates costs within affordable levels, to control growth and development, this new government's move to control the transport industry is an ambush to other transport players.

Robert Mugabe was smart and during his time there were Emergency Taxis (ET) operating in all towns and cities around Zimbabwe. During that time we had reliable public bus systems, but we saw such mushika shika operating.

Today commutter omnibuses are being banned without any consultation from the public to see whether it has a direct impact on small transport business entrepreneurship or what?

It's only because of a certain cartel who wants to control the public transport system in the cities and towns with the aim of removing competition from other competitors. Is Zimbabwe really open for business?

There are dangers accompanied by such moves. The favored business has no incentive to improve; its profits are guaranteed by the government. As a result, there is no true customer service or quality assurance. We saw this happening to ZUPCO which crumbled like a deck of cards.

In comparison, competition forces companies to stay the best or lose market share, which in turn is assumed to be better for the customer.

There is high unemployement level in Zimbabwe and banning kombis will drive a lot of people out of work. Some are going to be left without business.

The government is not creating any employment and most of the people are surviving through informal sectors.

If we are not very carefully, we are likely going to have no rights remaining at end of lockdown.

This is not the ruling party which we used to know. It has absolutely changed the game plan. It's unfortunate that it is making sure that it will use the lockdown for vindictive purposes to eliminate the opposition, suffocate all its breathing spaces and create a one party state enhanced society.

The regime has ran out of ideas to create a conducive atmosphere for employment creation and is using this lockdown to maintain its grip on power.

There is a bad motive behind all what is happening in the country. It is more than what meets the eye. There is no other way a country can develop without local or outside competition.

Militarising everything is not the panacea to the challenges facing the country. The idea here is to control the movement of the public in the event that people want to demonstrate. It will make easy for the government to just simply withdraw transport thus crippling any movement of the opposition members from holding any demonstrations or whatever business.

Sure we have something worse than this global pandemic brewing in the state chambers.

Zimbabwe at this juncture does not deserve this kind of rulership and treatment.

When people celebrated the toppling of the former President, they expected a more listening and vibrant government with sound ideas matching the modern trends of governance.

People expected a very big change but what we are seeing now is another version of the new republic. It's a waste of those golden opportunities and chances to creat very strong institutions better than before.

The 2017 coup should have been the first and last coup in Zimbabwe but, with the deepening socio - politico - economic crisis in Zimbabwe, we are headed for another big revolt. We are sitting on a time bomb. It's a matter of time.


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