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Purported installation of Mambo king inimical to unity

18 May 2020 at 07:55hrs | Views
THE purported installation of a Mambo king is inimical to the unity of Mthwakazi. It is tribal and divisive.

Mzilikazi established a Mthwakazi nation, also known as a Ndebele nation, not a tribe. This nation stretches all the way from the Plumtree border with Botswana to the Sanyati River in Kwekwe. The nation of Mthwakazi is inclusive of all tribes in Matabeleland, the Ngunis, Kalangas, Lozwis and Tongas.

This is a strong nation which we are all proud of as Ndebeles. It is, however, sad to see some people acceding to the divisive machinations of the enemies of the Mthwakazi nation and thus, forming a splinter tribal grouping and calling it a kingdom.

This is an affront to the uniting strategy of King Mzilikazi, who saw strength in unity and an inclusive nation.

This tribal installation of a king is also a retrogression of the grand thought of Mzilikazi to unite the tribes to form a nation.

Royalty is an authentification by history and not by numbers. There are some people, unfortunately, who erroneously think that the numeracy of a tribe authenticates royalty - that because Moyos are many, they should, therefore, install a king. Such thinking is divisive.

Mzilikazi was king of the Ndebeles as he is the one who formed the nation. There is no apology about it whatsoever.

Mzilikazi united the tribes with the aim of gathering strength for the nation he had formed. This was a wise idea. Let all the proud people of Mthwakazi, amaNdebele kaMzilikazi remain united under one king — a Ndebele king — a Mthwakazi king, not a tribal king.

Let us not please the enemy of Mthwakazi by splitting ourselves into many parts.

United we stand strong as a Mthwakazi nation.

Source - newsday
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