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Linda Masarira: please keep quiet

18 May 2020 at 18:36hrs | Views
I was pained to see your video that was commenting about the abductions of Honourable Mamombe, Chimbiri and Marova. What is intriguing is that you are saying the young women stage-managed their abductions and that this is the work of MDC-Alliance way of getting donor funding. It is inconceivable for a woman who was incarcerated by the same regime for demonstrating at the Africa Square in Harare, you demanded Mugabe to stand down. You have forgotten the trauma you were subjected in Chikurubi for weeks to and Zanu PF regime never considered the fact that you are a single mother with small children alone at home.

Under such circumstances I wish you should have taken a different position than what you are doing. You are supporting a Zanu PF government that openly abuses and dehumanizes women and you included. You see no wrongdoing on the part of the government and secret service despite the horror these women had been subjected to for two straight days. These girls experienced torture and sexual abuse I cannot imagine in my good senses. You pour scorn instead you say it was stage-managed.

How will it be like if we said those demonstrations that led to your incarceration in Chikurubi prison in July 2016 were stage-managed: you wanted donor funding from the western donors? As a matter of fact, you got recognition from the German Foundation: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung for showing absolute courage against an unjust system. Curiously, you are belittling demonstrations of other activists and their courage to confront the brutal regime. I am deeply disappointed with you and I think to say so is an underestimate.

I wish to take you down the memory lane and remind you how we fought for you during your imprisonment at Chikurubi High Prison. We wrote letters to our governments; in my case I wrote a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel. I wrote a letter to the Catholic Church here in Germany and sent a copy to His Holiness Pope Francis. I went personally to see Amnesty International Bremen that coordinated efforts to their Johannesburg Office to get your case agency. I did that not because I agreed with the objectives of your demonstrations that led to your imprisonment but I saw in you a woman, a mother and a sister who is trying her best to bring change in Zimbabwe.

Linda, dear sister, what we need most in such hard times of our struggle for independence and freedom from patriarchy, misogyny and male-chauvinism is global solidarity with other women in distress. When a woman is in trouble of any kind, you do not ask which political party she belongs to, is she from Mashonaland or Matabeleland, is she black, green, red, or Caucasian to get your solidarity. Global women solidarity means coming together as women and we recognize the enemy in different forms at personal, political levels and in our social development as women first and foremost. Patriarchy globally is strong and powerful, we cannot afford tearing each other publicly to please men chauvinists who have no respect for women, you know this well with your own diverse experience.

Linda you realize that I was critical of women politicians in our political landscape. I have passionately written articles critiquing Thokozani Khuphe and Priscilla Mishihairabwi modus operandi politically. I regret to have fallen into this this myriad of female defamation. Now I have different set of eyes altogether. have learnt that women solidarity is good for us as women and the coming generation of girl-children, curiously you have girl-children in your home.

There were moments in my development when I thought I was fine-tuned to attack other women on behalf of men. I have learnt my lesson and now I refuse to be mouthpiece of male chauvinists. I refuse to be used by hard-core misogynists as female messenger to crush other women in return for cheap respect, literally playing in men-gallery. Most men enjoy such drama and scenarios when women thresh and tear one another: to bring one another to the "fold" whatever that means.

What pained me most in that video were the background cheers to your written speech. I could identify men voices mostly. This is what we mean by pornography of violence and hate because they were cheering horrendous incidence of abduction and torture, sexual assault of young women. I wondered still how deep we women hate ourselves. As we speak, these women are in hospital and are in great pain. Outside the hospital premises is Linda Masarira saying the opposite: all is stage-management to access funding from the west. Again, I wish you said nothing, and you remain silent forever regarding this issue. Indeed, the police will do their investigation. But already you have poured scorn and open hatred on young women: your own womenfolk.

Women solidarity should shine beyond narrow political affiliations. Women solidarity should be above ethnic, religious, regional, cultural and race differences. In recent articles I wrote regarding the trio, I realized that I did not want to be marked as MDC-Alliance sympathizer because I am not a member of MDC at all. However, I embraced their agony as women, not members of MDC-Alliance, and again they were fighting for the cause I wholly embrace. Your hatred for MDC-Alliance overshadowed the solidarity those young women needed from you most.

To my credit, I cannot be modest, I have written letters to Mrs. Grace Mugabe consoling her about her fall from grace after the coup in 2017. In Grace Mugabe: Dr Stop it, I saw a woman and a mother in distress and not a wife of a dictator: Robert Mugabe. Again, I have written an article that gave a warning shot to the military that was stalking the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa. In Auxilia, I did not see the wife of a dictator and murderer but a woman who was in danger, and warning shots had to be made to protect her. Whether it worked, I will never know, but this is not the duty of activists to harvest results. Our duty is to scream loud, let the despotic regimes realize that we are watching them.

I am not a member of Zanu PF and I will never be, in retrospect I critique Zanu PF regime openly without using a pseudo name. Senator Tambudzai's divorce case with her deranged husband Kembo Mohadi was worth sending strong message to the international community as evidence of domestic abuse on our women in Zimbabwe. The whole Vice President of Zimbabwe was holding a gun in his hand and an axe to forcefully enter the house to shoot his former wife short range. There was no police case that followed the story to the courts, as you know, cases of domestic violence are treated selectively by courts. Linda, honestly, I had hoped you were going to take this up and make a video about the horror Tambudzani Mohadi was subjected to, but you were dead silent.

When the First Lady auxilia Mnangagwa complained openly about how General Murombo stalked her, supposedly her security details, I had hoped you were going to come out guns blazing critiquing the obvious. Again, I remember phoning you, Linda, asking why women are silent about the treatment of women in our societies. I phoned you again when Senator Tambudzani similar domestic abuse that needed women intervention. It surprises me now that you are vocal about Mamombe, Chimbiri and Marova that they disregarded the law of the land. You, Linda telling the trio they disregarded the state law; the state law you once disregarded yourself! To my disappointment you were dead silent.

What has changed now to see Zanu PF laws as the law of the land to respect. Again, if Mamombe and her friends decided to demonstrate disregarding current lockdown measures, it is their way of activism. If there was law in Zimbabwe there should have been fined for taking part in demonstration under lockdown restrictions, but not to be tortured for days under excruciating circumstances. You are lucky you were not sexually abused in Chikurubi High prison; you are lucky you were not fed faeces and drink urine and be made to dance Zanu PF slogans for hours none stop.

Solidarity is something that can be learnt. There is nothing as fulfilling as women solidarity. It is a global movement of women of all backgrounds. Globally we recognize that women have a lot in common: problems pertaining women can collectively be solved by sharing local experiences with other sisters globally: thinking locally and acting globally. Solidarity with other global women is strength and empowerment and the knowledge you we are not alone. We can begin solidarity march first and foremost in our homes, in our communities, slowly joining hands at national and international level. Charity begins at home.       

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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