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Our silence is not stupidity

19 May 2020 at 14:19hrs | Views
Two million jobs were promised by ZANU PF. Massive housing was promised. Standard healthcare was promised. Reliable energy was promised. All these on multi million dollar billboards that were paid for by the taxpayer.

"The voice of God is the voice of the people" was the chant Mnangagwa sang, accompanying all the above promises and more and to gain popularity.

 Now the voice of the people is like dog poop to Mnangagwa and his counterparts in the coup establishment.

We all know that ZANU fears accountability. They take an inquisitive citizenry for competition. They find all available ways to discredit anyone who calls them to account, branding their calls fake news.

Any thinking and opinion that's outside their lines of communication is regarded as fake news. This is enabled by their hold of the contracted media space, where people rely on the propaganda filled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services.

It is a well known secret that more than 90% of the Zimbabwean economy is informal yet the coupists  remove the only source of income for millions of citizens under the pretext of cleaning the city streets. Whose city? Whose streets? Are these not the peoples?

Any policy formulated and  implemented should be done with the people in mind. The very same government which is obsessed with "decongesting" cities is being oblivious to the fact that people chose the means of living because the government has failed them.

The current move to out private ownership of public transport is another sign of not only greed but fear as well. The same people who proposed this do not spend 6 hours of their day in the queues because they have cars and fuel at their disposal. It is the ordinary person on the streets who suffers at the end of the day.

Dear ED Mnangagwa and your second Republic, if our voice is indeed the voice of God, then listen to it. Resign while you still have whatever little is left of your dignity because we are not silent. We, the people, we the suffering masses will find the courage to mobilise ourselves and bring home a revolution. A peoples revolution  that will strike you when you least expect it.


Source - Zapu Youth Front
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