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The Death of David Magagula

19 May 2020 at 14:44hrs | Views
The untimely passing of David Magagula is a stark reminder to us just how mortal we all are as human beings on this earth. It also serves to keep us on check as to the contribution we have made in shaping the lives of others.

Magagula was a true liberation fighter who recognised that justice in colonially imposed unitary states can only be achieved by exiting Zimbabwe and creating the state of Mthwakazi.

As we mourn his death, it is important to draw the attention of the mourners to his contributions below, as an intellectual and author of a new liberation and developmental trajectory that serves to bury the ghost of Joshua Nkomo and Nkomo as an ancestor in Zimbabwe, and not in Mthwakazi.

He contributed in the article of the second book below. Hitherto, these two major contributions, Magagula is believed to have authored a recommeded secondary schools textbook called, "Sasisemeveni".

Magagula was a founding member of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), which recognised that the unitary system of government bequeathed to us by Joshua Nkomo's ZAPU was nothing, but daily contact with various forms of genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape, torture, and disappearances.

All this nonsense about Magagula having been prepared to engage in the 2023 Zimbabwe election, is just that, nonsense, and should therefore be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. As the current MLF President, I can attest without any shadow of doubt that Magagula would not contemplate ever going back to that concept of being a Zimbabwean. Rubbish.

We may have differed here and there, we did that within the context of Mthwakazi, NOT, Zimbabwe politics.

It is in terms of the foregoing therefore that Magagula, just like us, must have been already living a Mthwakazi dream. His last act before his untimely death, was to be accorded a title of Ambassador by his peers in Lesotho, who also share similar experiences like the people of Mthwakazi in their countries of origin.

Although, the last time I met Magagula was at the funeral of the late first Mthwakazi Chief, Albert Zwelibanzi Gumede, last year in March, I have remained confident that he could be anything, or any animal in this world, but definitely not a Zimbabwean.

Only crazy people from Mthwakazi, perhaps ZANU-PF collaborators, would want to continue with the ZImbabwe project. Such people, do not get tired of wishing to be loved by Shona people, perhaps they have even gone to the extent of consulting witchdoctors, just to be part of the Shona DNA.

It is a pity therefore that we still do not have a Mthwakazi State which I am calling for, so that we could accord our own heroes that heroic status.
Already we have two, Chief Albert Zwelibanzi Gumede and now David Magagula, who deserve to be accorded the recognition of Mthwakazi National Heroes posthumously, once the state of Mthwakazi has been achieved.

I need to underline that Joshua Nkomo le dlozi lakhe will always remain interred in Zimbabwe as heroes of that country and not of Mthwakazi.

It is therefore within the context of the above that I would like to convey my deepest sympathies and condolences to his family on the untimely passing of their own: husband, father, brother, uncle.

Hamba kahle qhawe lika Mthwakazi.

Umfoka Guduza
MLF President

Source - MLF President
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