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Nick Mangwana our Joseph Goebbels: Where is Itai Dzamara?

24 May 2020 at 20:50hrs | Views
Your nauseating article of today should put even Lucifer to shame. You must tell us where activist Itai Dzamara is. Is Itai Dzamara still stage-managing his ongoing abduction? If your government is good as you have highlighted in your vomit article, where is our son who was kidnapped by Zanu PF about 4 years ago? You lived in the UK 21 years you say: why is your wife and children still in the UK enjoying privileges that are not available in Zimbabwe.

It would be fair to petition the UK government to repatriate your wife and children back to the government of Zanu PF and face life of hardships like all of them. Somehow you want to have it both ways: You gloat about a Zanu PF government that is known for decimating millions of lives in genocide Matabeleland, the farm invasions, Murambatsvina and 2008 elections.

 Zanu is responsible for destroying hopes of millions of young people hence scattered in all corners of the world. Those who managed to reach the shores of the UK you call them economic refugees. Bring your wife back to Zimbabwe because she resides in the UK for economic reasons and is also an economic refugee.

Nick, you are too young to tell us about Zanu PF, you are mafikizolo in Zimbabwean politics. To articulate yourself in English, a language you learnt when you were a refugee in the UK, does not give you a ticket to insult the hand that fed you for 21 years. The little expected from a man in a political position in Mnangagwa's government is to appreciate the fact that your children are not starving like many Zimbabweans back home. Professionals in the civil service are getting pittances as salaries below the datum line: you continue to gloat.

You are busy singing for your supper uttering fake news whose style resembles Goebbels. The abductions, rape and torture are Zanu PF modus operandi since the liberation struggle. Who are you fooling exactly when you say the government of Zanu PF is clean?

You want the foreign diplomats to sing hallelujah to a murderous government of Zanu PF? If they were stupid, somehow you think they are, they would accept your sickening version in your today's article. Your government Zanu PF is a police state capable of heinous crimes against humanity. Thousands of innocent civilians have perished under Zanu government. Your president Mnangagwa is Mugabe mark two: to repeat the words of Vauxhall Labour MP Kate Hoey. The people are worse off under Mnangagwa regime: from bad Mugabe to worse Mnangagwa.  

I quote you: "Atrocity propaganda is the use of content or graphic imagery which is meant to portray a adversary as barbaric or savage to a targeted audience (the West) to arouse sympathy towards the propagandists and extreme disgust towards the alleged perpetrator." Close quote. I hasten to say you really copied the language of Joseph Goebbels who was at pains in covering up Nazi WW2 atrocities. Zanu is barbaric and savage you rightly nailed it Nick. There is no propaganda in predicated use of barbaric and savage. The international community were on the ground in 2018 elections and witnessed how innocent people were gunned down by the army for protesting. Are you saying they should see no harm in barbaric acts of terrorism committed broad day light by your Mnangagwa government?

Your bootlicking will not take you far in your political career. Your bubble will fail you at a time you needed most. About 95% of the population are starving in lockdown time: you are coughing straight liars about a system of government that is failing its people, especially women and children.
In your article you omitted to tell the nation why police officer: superintendent Philip leaked sensitive pictures she took in the hospital for investigation purposes. Are you not ashamed of a government without ethic? Those photographs taken for forensic investigations should be handled confidentially: Your government fails to respect the privacy of its citizens. You are quick to tell us about the fake abductions; you expect foreign diplomats to buy cheap rhetoric coming from you an official in Mnangagwa's government: let's talk about virtues that are non-existent: both the party and government are morally bankrupt.

The diplomats who know the lethal aspect of Zanu PF. They should wonder if you  have ever sat down with your boss Mnangagwa and advised about Gukurahundi atrocities that need urgent attention for this country to heal the pains and suffering of millions of peoples in the regions of Matabeleland and Midlands? Mnangagwa was responsible for the execution of genocide against innocent civilians in this region. Foreign diplomats know all these facts even more about your boss who utters hate speech at any given opportunity.

You tell us Chamisa used hate speech by calling Mnangagwa a hyena. Your boss likened the peoples of Matabeleland with cockroaches and lice. You find yourself in a privileged position where you can utter dubious statements that go unchallenged. You are safe to twist facts to defend a person like Mnangagwa who is known for serious human rights atrocities unimaginable by good sense for decades. Your president Mnangagwa has on several occasions likened the people of Zimbabwe with backing dogs: banobukura bachigobukura: Curiously, this does not shame you at all, learned Nick Mangwana.

Once upon a time Jonathan Moyo was in a privileged position just like you today. When Itai Dzamara went missing, he told all those who wanted to listen that even in America people go missing. We have not forgotten all those insults: we lose a son and we are insulted for losing him, hipping injuries to wounded mothers, sisters, wife, and children. We know Zanu that is capable of worst crimes against humanity. There is nothing you are defending Nick, and the foreign diplomats know this government and its human rights records. You did not need to lecture them Goebbels falsehood and twisted news to sanitize your government.

At best can you just keep quite Nick Mangwana, stop insulting us we are mothers of these children you abduct, rape, torture, as if it is not enough you poke fun of the situation. These girls experienced horror in the hands of notorious CIO. Its inhuman to speculate that their abductions were stage-managed. We are parents of these girls who have been subjected to forced eating of their own faeces, rape and drinking urine, and massive beatings. You are questioning the validity of their abduction suggests that you have sunk low to defend a government of Zanu PF.

I warn you Nick that your time in the government of Mnangagwa is limited, one day you will find yourself on the wrong side of history. Nothing short of a petition to bring your family back home and you give up the British passport because you do not deserve it. You cannot bite the hand that fed you for 21 years while you were in the UK. Your one foot is still in the UK and the other foot is in Zimbabwe, this is wholly calculated, just in case there is a change of government, you can always relocate back to the UK to join your wife and children.

Then what gives you the right to criticize other citizens for doing the same? Your overly exaggerated ego tells you it should be you and your family who should enjoy privileges of two worlds: Zimbabwe and the UK. The petition to repatriate your wife and children must be done as soon as possible. You should be content with the life in Zimbabwe.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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