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Fathers Rights Movement lobbies Parliament to grant more rights to fathers with children out of wedlock

26 May 2020 at 13:47hrs | Views
Fathers Rights Movement Zimbabwe is a social movement advocating for greater rights for fathers in family law, child support, and custody decisions.

Our argument and cause for concern is that  the legal system is biased against fathers when it comes to family decisions, leaving many dads who desire to share parenting responsibility without the chance to do so.

Fathers are legally disenfranchised from exercising their God given rights to be fathers to their children particularly those children conceived out of wedlock.

We are here to stand up and speak out for and on behalf of Fathers in Zimbabwe and across Africa.

The Fathers Rights Movement Zimbabwe is motivated by the Dr. Frank Buyanga child custody case, and the movement will be monitor the case as it sets a precedence in the Fathers rights cause. The Fathers Rights Movement is equally concerned by the publicity and political attention around the matter, it is our hope that the publicity and political attention will not interfere or serve as undue influence on the matter.

The Movement understands that mothers have rights and mothers ordinarily want what's best for their children. The movement therefore advises mothers that disenfranchising fathers from being fathers to their children is not in any child's best interest, as the child needs both the mother and father.

Fathers rights movement today 26 May 2020 launches an outreach program which will reach out to lawmakers in parliament and the senate to ensure that they enact legislation which is fair, just equally empowers fathers to be parents to their children particularly out of wedlock.

The movement will also reach out to the judiciary and religious leaders to argue the case of Fathers Rights in Zimbabwe.

This outreach campaign will be complimented by an awareness campaign which will seek to educate the nation on Fathers rights.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the awareness campaign will be online and on social media platforms as the movement adheres to social distancing under the World Health Organisation guidelines.

The Fathers rights movement seeks to ensure Father's rights are taken seriously and fathers are given an equal chance to raise their children in or out of wedlock.

Source - Margaret Ndimande
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