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All hope is not lost for Chamisa

30 May 2020 at 21:39hrs | Views
On the 14th of February 2018 Morgen Tsvangirai died in South Africa.Although he has been ill for some days his death came as a shock because many had hoped that through him democracy was going to be restored in Zimbabwe.Many had hoped that through him the rule of law,the freedom of the press,economic stability was guaranteed but alas all hopes has been dashed.

Amid the wailings, groaning and hopelessness in the minds of the MDC suporters   Chamisa rose to the occasion and told the moaning crowds that he was the messaih ordained by Tsvamgirai himself.He told them that God was in it.Victory is certain. He said he will follow the footprints of Tsvangirai.

MDC supporters were expecting to see a leader who will have both peasants and workers at heart, a leaders who will not look down upon any class of people down but the opposite is now true .The MDC party led by Chamisa had become too elitist.Its a political party of the rich, academics and lawyers.Fadzai Mahere who joined the MDC last year is now the spokesperson of the party despite that the MDC Constitution says every members has to rise through the ranks and you must be a member for 5 years before you are appointed into any powerful position.

The MDC supporters were expecting a leader who follow Tsvangirai's footsteps.Tsvangirai was a man of the people.He traversed the rural areas mingling with the young and the old .Holding meetings in riverbeds in the bushes and on hill tops and sometimes he would walk on foot talking with his supporters but our new "Commander" is a town boy .He knows how to hold press conferences at harvest house, he is a Twitter boy.He thinks his tweets can rich Chitekete in Gokwe, Simbala School in Binga ,Dotito ,and Benson Mine in Mutoko.

Tsvangirai was a truthful leader .He told the truth always but after his death the masses started to be fed with lies.We were told "I met Trump in America' when he knew he didn't meet Trump.We were told "we do have V11, GodIsInIt, victory is certain' but we know that he was lying he failed to produce V11 in court and lost the case at constitutional court.

We were told Mwonzora cannot recall MDC Alliance MPs and MDC Alliance is a political party only to find out that the so-called MDC Alliance had no Constitution and that all MPs are now at the mercy of Mwonzora.They can be recalled anytime .

We were expecting a president who will safeguard the MDC values ,the rule of law democracy, freedom of the press, academic freedom,human rights but all these values has been trampled and replaced by Chamisa Chete Chete mantra .We found that we have a President who claims to be an advocate but disrespects, disregards, abhors and pisses on the courts.

If Chamisa is a genuine leader he must comply with the MDC Constitution and respect court orders.He must join the Congress preparations. He must be a unifier not a decider.

Chamisa's credibility and honour is waning out every day.He is being bashed left right and center by the constitutionalists .As I speaking he is already on the floor bleeding profusely. Progressive MDC supporters are deserting the fake unorganised camp trooping to the real genuine MDC T party led by one and only Mwonzora.

I feel pity for the defiant MPs and Councillors who are still following the illegitimate president because they will be recalled kutoregwa chingwa pamuromo ndiko kuchaitika.

Mwonzora will restore back our party which had been stolen by Wamba and G40 to it's founding values.Come 2023 victory is certain Mwonzora paState house Chamisa to the dust bins.

However all hope is not lost Mwonzora hasn't closed the door for Wamba.Let him reach out to Simboti for talks and unite the two factions and form a strong MDC .

Etiwel Mutero is an archivist, an author and political analyst . +264817871070

Source - Etiwel Mutero
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