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Chamisa et al primeval instinct stopping them admit he broke rules - to break free, we must

30 May 2020 at 21:49hrs | Views
Once upon a time, a few moons ago although I remember it as if it was yesterday, I visited a number of High Schools and Colleges up and down Zimbabwe to talking about the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The students had no problem defending the right and freedom to be heard, as long as it was their right or freedom that was at stake. Having secured their own individual right to speak they firmly believed that right included telling others to shut up!

The impulse to be heard and resist being dominated, is very strong and once heard the impulse to silence everyone else and dominate is even stronger. It is the primeval default setting. The acceptance of other people rights and freedoms, the concept of universal rights and freedoms, goes against the primeval grain of securing the right and freedom for one's self and dominate by denying the same to others!

Talking to Nelson Chamisa and his MDC Alliance supporters on the recent High Court rulings on the leadership battle has been worse than a rerun of the High School student Human Rights debate. The student allowed one to read out the universal rights and freedoms and they accepted the rights and freedoms as everyone's entitlement.

The MDC supporters will not admit that Nelson Chamisa did not follow the MDC's own constitution in seizing power following Morgan Tsvangirai's death. They prefer to airbrush the details of Chamisa's ascendancy out, how he got into power is irrelevant. The see in the High Court Judgement the hand of Zanu PF "destabilising" the MDC.

If one accepted the political events in their logical sequence then it is a historic fact that Chamisa did not follow the party's own constitution. Those pretending otherwise are just being selective, they want to ignore the constitution because it is not servicing their selfish purpose. In other words Chamisa shot himself in the foot by ignoring the party's constitution and the penalty of destabilising the party is therefore self-inflicted.

The tag-of-war between democratic mordenizers and the primeval dinosaurs seeking to dominate has been going on not just in MDC but in the ruling party Zanu PF itself with even worse and far reaching disastrous consequences to the nation.

The clarion cry before independence was "One man! One vote!" It was out of the need to secure political dominance that Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies have denied the people their freedoms and rights including the right to a meaningful vote. The root cause of Zimbabwe's economic meltdown and political paralysis, is the de facto one-party dictatorship.

When Mnangagwa and his fellow November 2017 military coup plotters seized power from Mugabe, they accepted the need to democratic change. It is ironic that the same court that ruled Chamisa's seizure of power unconstitutional, ruled the military coup "legal, justified and constitutional".

It should be noted for the record that Nelson Chamisa and his fellow MDC leaders supported the November 2017 military coup. Chamisa has publicly admitted Morgan Tsvangirai died "a bitter" man because Mnangagwa did not keep his promise to form a GNU after the coup. In other words the coup was justified and fine as long as it helped MDC leaders up the greasy political power pole.

Mnangagwa called the post November Zimbabwe a "new democratic dispensation, a Second Republic". He promised to hold free, fair and credible elections. The crocodile instinct in him to rig elections were to power to resist!

Everyone questioned Nelson Chamisa sincerity in challenging Mnangawa's victory in the July 2018 elections given MDC had participated knowing fully well Zanu PF would rig the elections. ZEC failed to produce something as basic as a verified voters' roll and yet MDC participated regardless.

The High Court judgement on Chamisa's violation of the MDC constitution when he seized power under lined his hypocrisy in calling Mnangagwa "illegitimate" when each one of them is illegitimate.

If Zimbabwe is ever going to implement the democratic reforms necessary to dismantle the de facto one-party dictatorship and restore the individual freedoms and rights as envisaged in the UN Universal Rights then the country must look to others, not Zanu PF or MDC, to implement the reforms. Both Zanu PF and MDC leaders have shown that their base primeval instinct to dominate is more powerful than the reformist democratic instincts.

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