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Khupe, crew writing their obituaries

04 Jun 2020 at 17:31hrs | Views
THE current political tension between MDC Alliance and MDC-T has brought more legal commentaries on the merits of the matter where the one verdict ruled that MDC Alliance is a party and the other said it was not a political party.

I have been following both the COVID-19 lockdown judgments and the swift implementation of both rulings. I predicted the outcome of the judgment around 8am on May 29 due to the heavy police deployment with water canons in the capital.

Soon after the judgment, MDCT leader Thokozani Khupe has been stealing the show and her last visit to the late MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai's grave in his rural village in Humanikwa, Buhera, is a telling example.

Listening to her while standing next to Tsvangirai's grave, it was so embarrassing and one would wonder why people try to seek guidance from the dead.

Politicians should desist from seeking political relevance through carrying out rituals at someone's resting place.

Tsvangirai ran his race and should be allowed to rest in peace. He must not be used to score cheap political goals.

Tsvangirai is not even aware of the price of fuel, neither is he aware of the existence of the coronavirus.

I felt sorry for Khupe's theatrical drama in seeking political relevance in such a crude manner. Surprisingly, for six months, she refused to meet Tsvangirai when he was still alive until his death and her decision to meet him at his resting place on Saturday leaves a lot to be desired.
Khupe has lost all the marbles and is not fit for purpose.

Breakaway political parties, the likes of Zimbabwe Unity Movement led by the late Edgar Tekere, Simba Makoni's Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn, Joice Mujuru's National People's Party, just to mention a few, have one common feature. They always struggle to stand the heat.

Currently, there is a massive political cleansing process taking place in the MDC Alliance, where those cadres motivated by money are shifting allegiances and those motivated by carrying the torch of the people's struggle are energising themselves for a gruesome season focusing on the 2023 plebiscite.

It is now in black and white that Khupe's aspirations have aptly come to fruition. She is in politics for money and not for the people's struggle.

She has managed to do so through using the courts by hijacking a movement, the MDC Alliance, led by Nelson Chamisa.

For now, she is enjoying fame and has managed to steal the show temporarily, but the poor masses will soon set the wheels of resistance in motion.

Some members of the party have proved that they are into politics just to line their pockets and not work as servants of the people.

Unfortunately, they are not aware of the sharp curves ahead of them. Khupe and crew are slowly writing their own political obituaries, watch this space!

There are some legislators who are arguing that MDC Alliance has lost the legal battle, they must bear in mind that MDC Alliance has not lost its lustre and supporters. The party still has a grip on the people.

Zanu-PF knows its chances in 2023 are very slim and does not want to face a very strong opposition, hence the desire to destabilise the opposition. Zanu-PF saw that Khupe ran a parallel campaign in 2018 and performed dismally.

The ruling party is aware of Khupe's weaknesses, hence it dangled a carrot at her.

This is the time for the opposition to come out of its comfort zone and seriously rebrand the party, which is rooted in working class struggles.

It should be mass-based and include social movements to navigate Zimbabwe's rugged political terrain.

The challenges being faced by Zimbabweans are not control of the opposition, recalling Members of Parliament or control of the judiciary.

The real challenges bedevilling the country range from legitimacy, nepotism, corruption, economic decay and poor governance.

The rift has come at an opportune time, two years before the elections.

This allows ample time for the opposition to create synergies with other genuine, sincere and progressive political parties, not puppets.

Source - newsday
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