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Black lives should matter

by MLF
05 Jun 2020 at 13:59hrs | Views
Black lives have never mattered to African leaders since time in memorial except in cases when they sought to raise self profiles. We have seen in Africa itself, where ostensibly blacks originate, Africans being killed and maimed by follow Africans because in some instances they are labelled foreigners, or belong to a different ethnic group and we have seen Africans being excluded from basic aid even during the covid 19 pandemic simply because they are foreigners although they have been locked in fellow African countries. We have seen over years also, genocide, rapes and arbitrary arrests in Africa and sadly, no African leader has the courage or humanity to stand up and at least condemn such evil deeds - from South Africa, Zimbabwe, DRC, Burundi up to the Mediterranean sea, gross human right abuses and the AU (which has degenerated into an ordinary club for presidents pamparing one another for curtailing human rights) together with other regional organisations looking aside and allowing such to happen under their watch. So, when would black lives matter?

Of late, we are seeing a lot of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean fleeing African leaders' brutality in home countries to Europe yet AU convenes but never puts such cases on their agenda because they think it is right for fellow blacks to die while they(leaders) cling to power at whatever cost. So, do black lives matter to African leaders? The answer is an emphatic NO! If the African leaders upheld the sanctity of human life as should be the case, we would not be having black people bruised, brutalised and even killed anywhere in the world. The problem of complicitness about black violations together with rampant cold blooded murders stems from Africa and African leaders are oblivious of such crimes and always remain unfazed.

The history of slave trade in Africa in particular does not show slave masters hunting, chasing and chaining black people to use as slaves in Europe or the Americas but as buyers of slaves from Africa. Who was selling fellow blacks to be slaves? Were it not the blacjk African leaders who sold their fellow countrymen for paltry self benefits to be slaves in lands which they(sellers) did not even know the same way our mineral wealth is sold today? Black lives never mattered to them and this culture of impunity has transcended generations in Africa and lives up to this day. On the other hand, slave masters shipped their ' merchandise ' for abuse in distant countries. It then stands to reason that to a slave master, when he sees a black person, he sees only a slave - an unloved, worthless, and to be abused object that is less human to him. Such is the case today in the USA where we now see massive protests dubbed 'black lives matter'. Imagine, after more than two centuries in countries they entered as slaves at the behest of African leaders, our fellow blacks in the USA are and shall never be American enough and are still called African Americans. They have been stripped of their language, culture, nationality, surnames and dignity and called African Americans - thanks to African leaders who sold them there.

The white slave masters still slaves in them, they see a people who are less human than they are, an unwanted people sold to them by their leaders cheaply to use and discard as they please. It is therefore ludicrous for African leaders across the length and breadth of Africa to only condemn what is happening in the USA today while they hitherto preside over gross injustices everyday in their countries which they rule with unimaginable insensitivity. I challenge all African leaders, that anyone of them who says is not presiding over gross human right violations, stand up today and declare innocence showing tangibles thereof.

All countries in Africa are awash with skeletons of human abuses of alarming proportions. Time is now that the so called African leaders introspect and live true to human rights protection and defence instead of buying more guns to subdue and subject fellow blacks or else African leaders stand condemned to eternity and so they are the least people to talk about human rights - a concept that has remained elusive and beyond their grasp. African leaders themselves have stripped their own people of their inherent rights, dignity, value and humanity. Who then shall respect black lives when black lives are not recognised nor respected at home? Who will protect black lives elsewhere in the world when black leaders make black lives worthless at home?

Charity begins at home, the adage says. Once our own African leaders start to value black lives at home, our lives shall have value elsewhere in the world. For example, whites always feel welcome and safe anywhere in the world but the same cannot be said for the blacks whether at home or away, they are treated as subhumans and it is the duty of all true leaders to change the fortunes of our ever threatened black lives. Some countries in Africa today are known the world over for all the wrong reasons - they kill their own whom they are supposed to protect, they bruise and brutalise them daily, they rape the women and girl child, deny their own people their inherent human rights and expect Black people to respected elsewhere! Fellow Africans, we are on our own. These leaders are not there for us but only to loot and serve themselves. Let us unite as Africans and be Africans first before cascading into our small enclaves created for us by colonialists. Let's unite and shun all these imposters who pose as our leaders when they are predators stalking us everyday.

We need to stand together as Africans and condemn black abuses at home and abroad. What is happening in the USA today is a manifestation of a litany of problems that have been plaguing Africa for a long time and our leaders do not bother to find their solutions. Let's condemn the abuse of blacks everywhere. I cherish a united Africa in which all lives shall be protected and respected so that wherever we go we shall be respected always. To our fellow Africans who have lost their lives because of omissions and commissions in Africa and elsewhere, we say the contributions you have made, no matter the size, shall not be in vain. We shall always strive towards a purposeful Africa devoid of directionless dictators masquerading as leaders.

Source - MLF
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