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Arrest Collins Mnangagwa and Mthuli Ncube: send them to rot in remand prison!

13 Jun 2020 at 23:32hrs | Views
Finance Minister must answer charges of attempting to defraud international finance houses arguing that the funding is meant to alleviate coronavirus challenges and imminent coup. From the press conference on Wednesday by the Home minister Kazembe Kazembe, there is no imminent security threats in Zimbabwe per se amid corona challenges bedevilling the country. The World Bank must be informed that Mthuli Ncube lied twice: his letter to the World Bank is based on falsehood: he knowingly attempted to defraud a financial institution, to access lines ofcredits and securities  from financial institutions using false information and insincere promises.

The money was to be invested in agriculture to reduce imports, one: two, the money was supposed to alleviate food insecurities in larger communities affected by global corona pandemic and lockdown. The requested funding from the World cannot be for agriculture, a sector that was blessed with 3 billion US dollars not so long ago and is circulating in the agricultural sector as we speak. If three billions of dollars were looted, he should tell us how it was looted and who looted it. Why are the looters of billions of dollars not in prison? Ncube is requesting the World Bank a paltry bailout sum compared to three billions of US dollars in circulation in the country as we speak.

Abroad, Zimbabwe has billions of US dollars swindled by the government rulers of present and the past. In China there is 7 billion US dollars from diamond revenues that was disputed between Chiwenga and Mugabe just before the coup took place. There is also another claim of 15 billion dollars from diamond revenues that was wide and loudly talked about by Robert Mugabe before he died. These are monies that should be hunted back home to alleviate famine and poverty if Ncube is sincere about reviving the economy.

Prisca Mupfumira looted 95 Million US dollars from the pension funds, some of the money she bought herself a mansion in Dubai. Mnangagwa has a multi-million mansion in Dubai. If Mthuli Ncube has b*lls, he should ask the Zanu party and government to account for the diamond revenues scattered in global banks, in Panama Letters and wherever. Would it be not logic to chase these stolen funds owned by the citizens of Zimbabwe to resuscitate our economy?

Mthuli Ncube abuses his finance ministerial position: a letter with his Professorship signature from Oxford University will have been a collateral to access international funding. His crafted letter raised his academic credentials and position stand out who he was in the scheme of things. That was insincere; Mthuli should know better than all of us that international banks do not operate like that. He pretended he is getting funding to alleviate desperation, poverty famine and a dubious coup threats that is imminent; this is false. False in this case is that funding was never going to be used to alleviate destitution related to corona pandemic but some of it was to be used to give some of it 60 million US dollars to Collins, the son to Emmerson Mnangagwa and his associate. Mthuli must go to prison for trying to defraud the World Bank. Pasi nembhava

The noble, eloquently intelligent journalistic investigations of Hopewell Chinono was able to unearth corruption of the highest order. We are grateful for his work that shows patriotism and courage. We know now that if the finance minister got the requested funding  from the World Bank, he would have back-handedly, insidiously allocated our bailout to Mnangagwa junior and his accomplice: funding projects that do not exist, or project that has no clear value-adding to hungry citizens in towns and cities except Collins's lifestyles that we citizens cannot imagine by good senses.

 ZACC is a commission that shows all signs of toothlessness and duplicity in their actions and execution of corrupt malcontents in our land. Advocate Matanda-Moyo sent poor Merry Mubayiwa to prison on cases that had nothing to do with corruption. Instead ZACC allowed themselves to become part of a marital dispute between Chiwenga and Merry Mubayiwa. Today we have a case taking rounds in the social media of Collins Mnangagwa's hands caught in the national honey-jar trying to swindle 60 million US dollars to finance devious project of corona medical equipment. Pasi nembhava!

It should never take long for ZACC to flex its muscles and arrest finance minister Mthuli Ncube, Collins Mnangagwa and his associate. But because there are two laws in Zimbabwe that ZACC strictly adheres to: One for the ordinary citizens and the other for the ruling elite and their offspring.  Collins walks scot-free and is openly enjoying trappings of being sired by Mnangagwa. He is not ashamed, does not lose sleep because he was caught red-handed, trying to swindle the nation a sum of 60 million US dollars.

ZACC has lost all credibility it can comprehend.  ZACC is not at the service of the nation but is serving individuals in the ruling elite. It is unthinkable how Merry Mubayiwa could languish in remand prison because of her marital issues that are private and personal. But because the authority to arrest her came from the coup leader General Chiwenga, they obeyed strict orders and reduced a poor woman to a criminal. Criminals in Zimbabwe, in retrospect are the top civil servants in Zanu PF party and government, starting from the President of this country going down the hierarchy of civil service.

Criminals are many in the ruling elite who have no conscience in looting public treasury to finance lavish styles at the detriment of abject poverty smelling at every corner of Zimbabwe. If they can loot corona funds, then we should know that we have criminals and thugs in the government. Residents in Matabeleland North are at the verge of dying from hunger literally. I wonder if Mnangagwa knew this fact, was he going to care much, Mnangagwa lacks all empathy and humanness in him. When the peoples of Matabeleland say there is genocide silently going on in Matabeleland, we tell them they are tribalists, and perpetuating tribalism in the region? Really!

For a Ndebele ethnic Mthuli Ncube to serve in Mnangagwa's government even though Mnangagwa is responsible for the genocide atrocities in Matabeleland and Midlands, leaves me cold. In Mthuli Ncube, we have Ndebele man without a conscience. It's even challenging to appreciate Mthuli Ncube's academic education and civilized ethics. How does Mthuli Ncube feel working with criminals that nearly decimated the nation of Matabeleland? I know of several peoples of Shona ethnic group: Wilfred Mhanda included if he had lived, who would never, ever sink that low as to serve Mnangagwa's administration. Here we go, Mthuli Ncube is serving him but failing dismally to execute his profession in his ministry. The time Ncube leaves his job or absconds the finance ministry, he will be emotionally wounded, and his image tarnished irrevocably.

The fact that his family is still in Switzerland is a clear sign of mistrust of the government he is serving. His instinct told him to be strategic in thinking: some plan B was necessary. Inside him, his inner gut tells him: Mthuli knows the precarious and fragile situation Zimbabwe is under the Mnangagwa's administration. Ncube knows deep down in his heart that there is no future in the current administration. Zimbabwe can collapse anytime and if it did, Ncube will take the first flight to Geneva back to a warm home with all Swiss luxuries including cheese and holidays in the Alps, remained maintained by his wife and children inn case of obvious  eventualities.   

Hopefully the NTA that is being crafted by Professor Mandaza bears fruit. Listening to the latest SAPES virtual conference, NTA is the buzzword in Zimbabwe: it is the only solution to Zimbabwe's political, economic, and social future development. There is no opposition to talk about these days. There is no opposition that can lead us to Canaan. MDC-alliance or MDC-T or MDC-99 are all dead donkeys, to say it in the words of Professor Callistas Ndlovu MHESRIP.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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