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Arrogant negligence killing our people in MDC-A led Bulawayo Council

15 Jun 2020 at 08:24hrs | Views
For the first time in so many years Bulawayo finds it's self being fed contaminated water by the city fathers, something we used to read about from other cities and have always commended the Bulawayo City Council for a job well done until now, The MDC Alliance led Bulawayo's City Council is blaming everyone except it's own short comings.

Bulawayo is under stringent water rationing which has seen the residents of New Magwegwe and various high density suburbs go for a record 3 months without the precious liquid. Apart form the situation being exacerbated by the prevailing drought as the City fathers are claiming, government engineers have bemoaned the misinformation given by the local authority, citing failure by City council to pump water to its residents, with a predicted 18 month water supply from the current Bulawayo water supplying bodies.

The arrogance being displayed by Bulawayo City Council in lieu with the water situation and decisions taken by the local authority without consulting it's stakeholders through the resident associations has seen the city fathers delivering contaminated water to its residents for the first time in the City's history.

A month ago, residents of New Lobengula, Lobengula West and Gwabalanda complained about having running tummies, something which they suspected to be Contaminated water from their tapes and the issues were raised through relevant residents association and nothing was done until now where we are having body counts of casualties who have succumbed to illnesses caused by contaminated water supplies by the City Council. The City council issued a statement claiming that the contamination was from the resident's water storage containers.

 Something which has angered the residents of Luveve, as expressed to Zapu's investigation team which took  time to talk to the residents of Luveve, the residents expressed shock on such levels of arrogance by the city council whom they have accused of playing a political card instead of rectifying the situation that has resulted in the loss of lives.

The investigation team from the mother party gathered the frustration from the people as the city councillors have spent the better, if not almost all their time playing stupid and narrow politics where they sought, since their election, to oust Town Clerk Chris Dube and replace him with one Mrs Zhou.

They also spent time lining their pockets through corrupt land grabs, dubious tenders such as the eGodini Mall tender and sheer looting of the local authority, something that was alien to Bulawayo until recently when these took office. By so doing, the councillors forgot totally their mandated role and function, that of service delivery and development of the city and its people.

The arrogance of the city council is also exposed by the sickness and deaths in Luveve, which are now at four, as there is now evidence out in the public domain of a warning to the authorities of a pending health disaster because of the contaminated water, advice that was totally ignored by city council.

Where the council is supposed to have audience with residence and assist each other on possible remedies to the situation   they instead let loose their Mdca rabid hounds who rubbish, insult and vilify anyone and all who raise concern about the water situation and its aftermath in Luveve. What angers the residents is that these hired defenders of Mdca are either not employees of the council or have absolutely no knowledge and experience as city administrators. They are just hungry tummies singing for their next meal, deliberately ignorant of the weight and importance of the matter under the spotlight.

The partisan nature with which the current city councillors handle the affairs of Bulawayo have been so frustrating and even infuriating to residents of the affected area.

There was also suspicion by the residents that the out of ideas city council could be drawing water from the long condemned Khami Dam and feeding it to Bulawayo residents using browsers, as residents challenged the city council to come clean on this suspicion.

Brian Ncube
ZAPU National Chairman for the Youth Front.

Source - Brian Ncube
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