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Mnangagwa must stop reading prepared speeches

25 Jun 2020 at 18:03hrs | Views
The Editor,

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Zimbabwe situation. I am one person who cheered President Mnangagwa (ED) on and was very hopeful that he will deliver for Zimbabwe. But alas, like any other despot, ED deluded himself into believing that he could fool his people. All the talk about New Dispensation, Second Republic, Fight Against corruption turned out to be a façade.

All the grandiloquent speeches, revolutionary rhetoric, hoary vituperation, and posturing were just a charade. What I think ED must do is stop reading prepared speeches because I think he doesn't know what he is reading. Wolves in sheep clothing will not succeed where rule of law is observed, where media is allowed to expose the vice of corruption, and where the banking system is functional.

Two years after being elected into office, there are no jobs, food, or fuel. Commodity shortages are rampant, hospitals lack basic essential medicines, roads are pitted with yawning potholes that are big enough to swallow trucks, electricity supply is sporadic, and the water tap spits a drop now and then. Even more annoying, people are forbidden to complain about grotesque mismanagement and administrative ineptitude. The President must be praised all the time; any whiff of criticism is swiftly and brutally squashed (zbc-cameraman-suspended-over-ed-nguwayal). We have been duped—again.

What incenses me more is the widespread corruption and ostentatious living of so-called revolutionaries. The reality is that the government has deteriorated with so many big corruption scandals. It was interesting to hear ED saying, "We shall not allow a situation where our people live in chronic insecurity, lack and deprivation. It has become apparent that in our midst, there are wolves in sheep clothing. The end is coming." I am sorry but this is a bunch of nonsense, with a dysfunctional rule of law, banking system, and suppressed media how is ED going to end this?

What I need to tell ED however, is when people become tired of rampant corruption, street protests will morph into political campaigns that lead to his ouster. Corruption and suppression of opposition voices will bring down ED's administration. This is not unique to Zimbabwe but happens in every country that ignores the voices of the people. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it and the result is the same.


Sam Wezhira

Source - Sam Wezhira
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