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Of ugly vultures and bad wolves in good sheep's clothing

27 Jun 2020 at 00:25hrs | Views
I shall begin with our own fathers and ancestors, it is both just and proper that they should have the honor of mention, for handing free to us this country, augmented by valiant valor, their blood and tears paying price. Our remote ancestors deserve praise too, for adding to their inheritance this country we systematically, (in annoying, diverse and variegated fashion), carelessly, selfishly and shamelessly shred apart so that we successfully hand over pieces of nothing to the next generation.

Perchance someone wakes from a long wink and deep slumber to realize all the social banter-laughing at our own expense, political gladiatorial outbursts from the ruling 'elites', startling economic theories, the preposterous, fragmented and livid opposition, to the brouhaha of a citizenry battered, oppressed and taken for granted for the longest time, we have delighted in self-harming and this would be funny if it were not sad now it's time for studying collective navels.

Isaiah 53:6 (KJV) All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way, and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. Mahatma Gandhi termed them "Social Sins". That there is no accountability for our actions anymore...right from the President down to the dust kicker in the street. The army and police are unleashed to abduct, beat, rape, kill and no arrests are made. Corrupt officials even during this Covid-19 pandemic are neither shameless in making underhand deals, nor do they apologize to the people they steal from, makes one livid. There is no politics with principle do you account for what's happening in the opposition MDC camp, the ruling party being the worst proven culprit in the conflagration o this land. Commerce has no morality, knowledge no character, pleasure no conscience and folk just wake up the next day wealthy without burning midnight candle throughout the night. The politician feeds on the voter and the pastor preys on the congregant, the rest of the povo is a dog eat dog out here.

Lo and behold, a paradox of the land; The educated fools sing for their supper, propping up malignant and vile characters. Professors and Doctors jump ship willy nilly politically as though they were prostitutes. Gladiatorial, unambiguous and unhinged Apostle T.F Chiwenga remarked that the MDC always vituperatively accuse ZANU PF of being flagrantly corrupt but when prosecutions are made, the same opposition lawyers go represent those accused.MDC councillors and MPS once elected into office there they go obsessing for avarice, flustering indeed.

Troubles have a tendency of turning us into animals although they should bring out the best in us. The seed of our miraculous healing is in our hands. A sacrifice and release is suffice thus the push back to basics agitated for by vice Chairman of newly formed Zimbabwe Citizen Movement, Mr Owen Gundidza.He proposes 5 basic tenets to retain our former glory as a people.

1. Purpose of unity, trust and believe in domestic solutions to our socio-economic challenges through dialogue.

2.Youth should assertively make their voice loud and clear on the issue of land utilisation, participation and involvement.

3. Youth use calm, frank and assertive tone in challenging abuse of power doing everything possible to seek interactive discussions amongst the youth across all political, tribe, religion, sex and status.

4. Initiating and mobilizing youth to hold indaba or conferences from grassroots having frank discussions around issues concerning the nation.

5. Fund, train, educate youth and empower them in self-reliant projects. Thus, tilting mentality of hunting for jobs but creating them.

6. Petition relevant government institutions with items youth need to be addressed. I think its high time we need to specify what needs be done than dwelling on generalizing discussions e.g to simply say "they" must turn around the economy without acknowledging responsibility and drafting, how?

We, however, aren't wholly incurable and truculent, far from it, we have proven through our trudging a more capability to surpass benchmarks of our own expectations even. In our arsenal is the embedded timidity of never say die hustle. Teererai Mudimu of IAMZIMBABWE is a shining example. The young people he has worked with and the talent exhibited is a marvel. We have the ingredients to surge ahead, given the willpower, Yes we can get out of this quagmire. That tired mantra is disproved by the success of Rhodesia under Smith and Cuba which has produced excellent myths, science teachers and doctors in high demand the world over during this Covid-19 pandemic even under debilitating sanctions.

In Germany, borrowing is 'schulden' (guilt). There is an attitude that if you have to borrow then something is wrong with you. Contrastingly our own finance minister's obsession with borrowing from foreign money lending institutions is unquenched. An approach of austerity used by the former most successful finance minister Tendai Biti used, "we eat what we kill" should be adopted. It is in the public domain that the treasure was in surplus after the GNU anyway. The austerity by Germany has largely lifted the nation to being the 3rd largest exporting nation in the world. Our focus should be on gearing toward and supporting an educational system much more inclined to vocational training. We used to have thriving skills imparting centers at Driefontein and Charandura in Chirumanzu amongst the many strewn across Zimbabwe. An education system that provides a conveyor belt of highly skilled workers to meet the specific needs of the country's manufacturing base is needed.

Empowerment programs should never be left as ambitions to be filled under the "fantasy" cabinet drawers, useful only as a summertime distraction. We must commit and put our money where our mouths are. Small to Medium Enterprises are failing, yet this could be the hub of our economy's revival. Magaba, Siya So, Glen View, home industries. Thereis massive talents that could employ many people and produce even for exports yet we have blights as high cost of materials, unavailability of work space, lack of marketing skills, bureaucracy and corruption, erratic utilities, political uncertainties and hostile regulatory environments amongst others.

Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest was asked why he did want to climb it. He said , "Because it is there."

Well, a prosperous Zimbabwe is there and we will reach it if our mindsets change. We deserve the leaders we have now because of how divided, partisan, corrupt and self-serving we have become. Even if we would get a good leader today, with our present mindsets we would fail him instead. Yes, the government of the day needs to do more, craft policies that promote our industries amidst the global competition, eliminating tariff barriers and maybe do one or all of the following; Loosen the bureaucracy for essential investment, support trade fairs and re equip industrial hubs like Bulawayo amongst others afore said, but still it is not our leaders that serve people at snail's pace in public institutions. It is not our leaders who litter the streets defacing buildings and destroying street signs, market shelters, bus stop shelters and public phones. It is not our leaders who buy subsidized fuel then sell it on the black market, get grain for planting then sell it at exorbitant prices. Our leaders have not taught us this culture of impunity. Kombi drivers short change passengers all the time and business people are no better. Prophets make a killing for prayers and fake miracles for popularity. Law enforcers publicly kick folk old enough to be their grandparents.

We have become our own worst enemies but with some sober reflection, we still could turn the tide cajoling us into the dungeon of doom

Evangelist Sendekai W.T

Source - Evangelist Sendekai W.T
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