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We have no power, we are just civilians

29 Jun 2020 at 23:13hrs | Views
I'm writing this to Emerson Mnangagwa, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Central Intelligence Officer or whatever he or she might be called.

Please do not unleash armed Soldiers, police and CIO to us. We are just civilians and have no power to fight back.

When your trained guys come to us, they come armed, they torture us while we hide our faces. All what we can do is to cry for forgiveness and beg for freedom.

Some of civilians have died, some crippled during torture process. Some ladies raped, some forced to drink urine or faeces. All this is because we have no power.

Rest in peace Tonderai Ndira, Rebecca Mafikeni, Itai Dzamara and many civilians who have disappeared, abducted by the state agents.

Sorry to Joanna Mamombe,  Netsai Marova, Cecilia Chimbiri, Davison Chamisa and other civilians who were abducted and brutalized.

It is not stubbornness that makes us express our feelings,  demonstrating and call for rule of law, but it's love of our dear Zimbabwe.

When you see us demonstrating in the streets, we are just saying no to corruption. We are simply saying Zimbabwe must be a better Country with jobs, real and stable currency, better education system, better health system among others.

Zimbabwe must return to a breadbasket of Africa status. We have good soil for farming. Grass for ranching,  good quality diamond in Manicaland, gold in Manicaland,  Midlands and Mashonaland, granite rock in Mutoko. We have platinum,  coal, chrome around our Country. We are simply saying all these must be well managed so that we enjoy.

It is diabolical to send armed state agents to beat up and kill innocent and un armed citizens who are just calling for the development of their country.

We are just civilians, we have no power to fight you back.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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