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Zanu PF blames 'illicit market' plus usual suspects minus MDC for growing instability - 'It is the economy, stupid'

01 Jul 2020 at 22:06hrs | Views
"The politics are being shaped from the market, it is as if we are being told, if you won't have MDC-Alliance for an opposition then we will create an opposition for you through illicit market activities, through illicit NGOs, through disgruntled unions and through embassies mostly so given to making anti-government statements," George Charamba, Mnangagwa presidential spokesperson, confessed.

"When you coalesce that you will realise that we are in a phase where destabilisation has assumed a market form. The calculation was a health sector led generalised public strike, we are aware of such plots."

The greatest threat to any sitting government's hold on power comes from the people who become restless if they believe government is no doing enough to help them meet their needs and aspirations. The people of Zimbabwe are disgruntled because this Zanu PF government has failed to meet their basic needs of employment, decent housing, education for their children, etc. Instead of taking the blame on the cheek, after 40 years of bad governance turn the other cheek, the regime is illicit market, illicit NGO, etc. How typical!

Last year the World Bank reported that 34% of the people in Zimbabwe were living in abject poverty, i.e. they could not afford one decent meal a day much less education for their children, basic health care and other necessities of life. In comparison, all the other countries in the region had single digit percentages living in abject poverty.

The corona virus pandemic has only added yet another layer of hardships to the existing ones. And so, even more people are now living in abject poverty. Worse still; with Zanu PF refusing to step down so meaningful democratic reforms can finally be implement and thus end the curse of rigged elections and bad governance; all signs are the situation is set to get worse and not better.

IMF, WB and many donors have stopped giving Zimbabwe any assistance, they are fearful the donation will be looted by the ruling elite, especially in these corona virus times  when there are so many nations in need of help and who would put the donations to good use. Zimbabwe has earned itself a reputation as a Banana Republic and we are paying dearly for it!

There is no doubt the tragic situation in which so many people are forced to live in abject poverty is morally and politically reprehensible and unsustainable. So far, Zanu PF has use brute force to stop street protests and other forms of public dissent. But history tells us that human beings are not sheep to go quietly to the slaughter; no amount of brutal oppression can keep the people quiet forever. The country's worsening economic situation is fuelling the people's anger and frustration and one of these days the wall that has held them back all these years will finally burst releasing a tsunami wave that will sweep away all before it.

"It is the economy, stupid!" said former US President Bill Clinton.

Lucky for President Clinton the US economy has doing very, very well, thank you. And the people voted for him back into office for a second term regardless of his womanizing and other scandals.

Mnangagwa is not so lucky, he is cursed, the Zimbabwe economy is not only in deep, deep trouble but, worse still, he has no clue what to do and his blundering incompetence and addiction to corruption are making a bad situation worse.

The people of Zimbabwe themselves are becoming increasing aware that they have a grime choice. Either they grab the nettle and demand that this illegitimate Zanu PF regime steps down so the nation can finally implement the reforms and end the curse of rigged elections and bad governance. Or do nothing and let the regime drag them deeper and deeper into this man-made hell-on-earth Zanu PF created.

40 years of Zanu PF gross mismanagement and rampant corruption have ignited such a fierce economic meltdown, everything is melting. The intense heat generated by the economic meltdown is becoming unbearable even Zanu PF hardliners are getting restless. There is talk of yet another military coup. So, the regime is now living in fear of a military coup and/or civil unrest!

Mnangagwa can blame the illicit market, the sanctions imposed by the west, the corona virus (new kid on the block), [even he cannot blame MDC given the party have lost all credibility], etc. for the people's restlessness. These are all scapegoat; the political unrest in being caused by the economic meltdown and it is his own his own addiction to corruption and his blundering incompetence that is fuelling the economic meltdown.

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