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Let's bring back the bread status of Zimbabwe

04 Jul 2020 at 19:36hrs | Views
Tradition is prison with majority opinion, just because your ancestors did it doesn't mean its not incredibly flawed.

Some great mind made that great observation, what brutal truth. Traditional farming methods is rural Zimbabwe are now beset with many challenges, the major one being that of short rain seasons and diminishing rainfalls. Weary soils plus erratic rains empty national silos and looming hunger.

Government has assured people that no one will starve, that means channeling resources and shelving other projects in order to prioritise food aid to vulnerable groups.

A noble idea indeed, thumbs up. However, in order to promote self reliance and help boost national reserves, government has come up with a new, intensive and certainly productive farming method.

'Pfumvunza', CA, is a 'don't waste inputs' type of farming. No ploughing with oxen, only holes on the selected piece of land, all inputs availed through the Presidential inputs scheme.

The crop care is plant based, with a known plant population and expected yield. Carter Blanche and random dolling out of inputs with no follow up and accountability has been found unproductive.

Area Agritex officers are on the ground (talk of boots on the ground) showing people how its done. Mr Chikorowondo, the Agritex Officer who covers Chinehasha and Chidewu is a workaholic. His middle name should be 'Mr Ever Busy'.

Never tired of explaining and giving answers to repeat questions. Recently he was at Chinehasha Secondary School showing villagers how Pfumvudza works, precisely explaining its matrix and demystifying the seemingly complex methodologies.

Observing social distancing, the villagers who included business centre professionals, sat and listened with undivided attention. Occasionally nodding to indicate information was sinking well and noted. Without a note book and pen I looked less serious, but determined.

The rest were seasoned farmers vowed to dig the holes. Maize only on this plot, no jugo beans and pumpkins, in this programme, such plants are weeds. Do your mixed farming somewhere, in these holes its maize only.

Mr Chikorowondo is on the ground, unceasingly pointing to the ground, more holes please! Food to the people, food to the nation. Let's make Zimbabwe great again, embrace Pfumvudza.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa.
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