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MDC sanctions treachery exposed

05 Jul 2020 at 11:06hrs | Views
ALTHOUGH the MDC Alliance vainly attempts to create the impression of being a saviour of the people of Zimbabwe from its opponent, ZANU-PF, it is increasingly coming to the fore that it is against the people.

It is becoming clear that the opposition outfit has been an active participant to Zimbabweans' suffering, while making naïve promises of rescuing them.

Put differently, the MDC created and continues to maintain the suffering of Zimbabweans, as their nefarious agenda has taken many forms since the party's inception.

The recent declassification of correspondence from the then British Defence Secretary Geoffrey William Hoon to the then Secretary of State, Scott, confirming that the British Defence was working with two MDC-A senior officials, Tendai Biti and David Coltart, has exposed the party's feeble denials of working with foreign governments against the people of Zimbabwe.

Although the United Kingdom embassy in Zimbabwe rushed to disown the document, as everyone expected it would, as a damage control measure, the letter exposed both the opposition officials and that country.

It laid bare their treachery and interference.


In correspondence dated November 12, 2001, Hoon confirmed what many progressive Zimbabweans have been saying all along that the opposition party is the main enemy of the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

Apart from confirming mobilisation of funds for the party at the behest of the outfit's former leader, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, Hoon recommended Britain to lobby "the European Union (EU) to take a common position on sanctions".

Whatever the MDC-A will say in denying its role in the imposition of sanctions against innocent Zimbabweans, the truth was finally exposed.

Hoon indicated that "the two (Biti and Coltart) . . . are assisting in the drafting of the sanctions document and giving great insights on what our role should be in the upcoming 2002 presidential elections."

Although Biti wishes to position himself as an economic expert and the only person who can lead Zimbabwe's economic recovery as a Minister of Finance, it is clear that he was a "spy" working for the British government against his own people and Government.

Some would argue that by engaging the British government as the opposition, Biti was exercising his right of association and was harmless. How then does one explain the classification of the information and his role in the British's foreign policy against Zimbabwe?

What Hoon described as "great insights" from the two opposition officials were, in fact, intelligence supplied by the two "spies" against their own nation. To make matters worse, Biti remains arrogant and unrepentant.

In August 2018, after his party lost to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF in the July 30 2018 elections, he was quoted by some media outlets vowing and boasting that "we will mobilise more sanctions" and that he and his colleagues would ensure that "ZANU-PF won't get a penny".

He has been abusing his position as the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts to secure details on Government programmes such as Command Agriculture, which he then feeds to his foreign government and intelligence outfit handlers to maintain a negative image of the Government of Zimbabwe. This militates against the New Dispensation's thrust of re-engagement, whose ultimate aim is to restore relations with other countries and mobilise foreign investment in order to drive economic turnaround in the country.

Only a mean-spirited politician like Biti writes to international financial institutions such as the World Bank asking them to be strict with his own country's Government.

When the World Bank allocated Zimbabwe US$7 million to fight the Covid-19 pandemic in May this year, Biti fell short of asking the institution to reverse its decision to indulge his satanic tendencies.

Biti's behaviour is in line with the MDC's politics of sabotage at the expense of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Who would forget Tsvangirai's infamous chant: "Mati muri kushaya? Muchashayisisa (You said you are suffering? You shall suffer more)."

Latter-day Morrison Nyathis

Biti and Coltart's espionage rivals the Rudd Concession of 1888 in historical importance.

It is a great betrayal of the 21st century whose details should be included in the school curriculum so that all Zimbabweans should know about it.

It should not be swept under the carpet under the guise of opposition political gamesmanship.

Their espionage activities should not be viewed as mere transient news items but very serious events in the country's history.

Citizens should know about how the two men sat down with the country's enemies to craft socio-economic hardships for their own people.

The two politicians and others, whose dark deeds are yet to be uncovered, are modern day Morrison Nyathis who only care about themselves at the expense of the whole nation.

They should be charged with the relevant laws of the country for betraying their own nation.

Espionage is an act of treason.

Willing tools

By working with Britain to craft sanctions against Zimbabweans, the two offered themselves as willing tools against their own people.

These are what liberation war fighters termed vatengesi (sell-outs).

They aided and abetted Britain's interference with Zimbabwe's internal political issues by propping up the MDC-A and attempting to turn ordinary Zimbabweans against their own Government through illegal sanctions.

One of their handlers, the United States of America, is currently complaining of the alleged interference in its internal affairs by some foreign governments in the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter protests, which were sparked by the cold-blooded murder of an African-American, George Floyd, by Minneapolis police on May 25, 2020.

The protests are the culmination of decades of police brutality against African-Americans which has been badly handled, nothing more nothing less.

Before pointing fingers at anyone, the US government should remember that it is one of the biggest culprits in the politics of interfering with other countries' internal issues.

It should remember how its envoys are openly behaving like opposition activists in countries like Zimbabwe with the ready assistance of the Bitis and the Coltarts of this country.

Action against traitors

Hoon's letter awakened Zimbabweans to the alarmingly high level of treachery in the opposition ranks.

The two traitors' activities did not only betray living Zimbabweans but even those who sacrificed their precious lives for this country's independence.

They betrayed those who left families and friends to fight for the country's independence.

They let down the liberation fighters who yearned to enjoy independent Zimbabwe, but had their hopes dashed by the enemies' bullets.

The whole issue makes a joke of the sacrifices made by the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who gave their all to liberate this great country.

This calls for tighter laws to deal with traitors such as Biti and Coltart.

Going forward, laws such as the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill and the proposed Patriots Act should include unequivocal clauses to deal with people such as Biti and Coltart.

Even MDC Alliance supporters should be questioning whether being in opposition means opposing and betraying one's country and nation in the name of pursuing democracy.

Are MDC supporters even aware that the people who claim to be fighting for them are actually fighting them with the assistance of the West?

It is up to them to rein in their errant senior members if Zimbabweans are to take them seriously after this.

Source - sundaymail
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