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Don't blame Chamisa for addressing rally in Shona, blame yourselves

08 Jul 2020 at 15:48hrs | Views
Matabele people must not blame Chamisa for addressing a rally in Shona, instead they must blame themselves for voting the little tribalist and fool who does not care about them.

The sooner the people of Matabeleland understand the dangerous tribal political game played by Shona supremacists like Chamisa and many other Shona leaders and supporters in Zimbabwe, the better.

There is always a very serious conflict of interests between Shonas and Matabele in Zimbabwe. That is something that every Matabele should take note of.

Shona supremacist like Chamisa, Biti and many other Shona leaders do not represent the interests of Matabeleland people but those of Shonaism. That is, continued oppression, genocide, marginalisation, tribal hegemony, dehumanisation and humiliation of Matabele people.

To vote any Shona leader with the hope that your long standing grievances ie restoration of Matabeleland, Matabeleland genocide, tribal segregation, Shona domination, murder of our identity, culture and languages and theft of Matabeleland resources, will be solved, is wishful thinking and waste of time. Failing to see the difference between our enemies and comrades is perilous.

Read my leaps! No Shona leader and I repeat, no Shona leader in our lifetime and beyond will ever solve Matabeleland problems. On the contrary their role is to promote the Grand Plan and see to it that it is implemented successfully and effectively. Unfortunately they are achieving their diabolic goals with the assistance of our politically naive brothers and sisters.

Trying to force Chamisa to stop addressing rallies in Shona language or beg Shona leaders to recognise our presence and existence in Zimbabwe through none existent devolutio is a lost cause.

Remember, Shona is the language of oppressors and the best tool of domination and oppression. It is also stated in the Grand Plan of 1979 that the Shona language should be promoted over all other languages in Matabeleland for the evil purpose of oppression. So trying to persuade Chamisa to shun addressing the people of Matabeleland in Shona language is like asking a poacher to abandon his shooting gun.

It is naive to think that Nelson Chamisa as the leader of MDC Alliance does not know that in Zimbabwe there is a territory called Matabeleland involuntarily annexed into Zimbabwe which covers half of Zimbabwe and has a population of more than 5 million people who do not speak or understand Shona language.

Addressing Matabele people in Shona was carefully orchestrated to undermine the people of Matabeleland and demonstrate that Matabele and Shona people are not equal. And that the language and existence of Matabele people is not recognised in Zimbabwe.

The only choice that we have which is the best for us is to unite. Forget about MDCs and Zanupf that serve the interests of the Shona people only. Forget about the falsehood called Zimbabwe and fight for the restoration of Matabeleland state.

Any Matabele person who foolishly ignores the calls for the restoration of Matabeleland to try to be politically correct in Zimbabwe will always meet tribalism, hatred, humiliation and death.

Joshua Nkomo who spent almost all his life fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe was humiliated in the 1980s when he was forced to escape into exile dressed as a woman.

Welshmen Ncube, late Gibson Sibanda, Thokozani Khupe were all humiliated when they were all beaten, called dissidents and chased out of Harare by MDC youth on different occasions.

Phelekezela Mpoko, Kembo Mohadi, Jonathan Moyo and Obert Mpofu to mention a few, have received a fair share of humiliation.

Matabeles will never taste freedom in Zimbabwe unless and until they unite and restore the statehood of Matabeleland.

As we all know, freedom cannot be given on a silver platter. Oppressors do not free the oppressed unless they see blood on the floor.

We are not Zimbabweans. It humiliates us to be referred to as such. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland.

"With our AKs and necklaces, we shall liberate ourselves."

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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