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The foreign hand in the 31st July demonstrations uncovered

10 Jul 2020 at 17:14hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is braced for another act of provocation by America. Information and intelligence available shows that the opposition and particularly the organisers of the demonstrations have been given three hundred thousand US dollars in order to cause disturbances in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe suffers from this foreign aggression from all fronts. The perpetrators of the disturbances are the strong economies who are bent to see confusion in any country which has resources.

In the past few years, a lot of minerals were discovered in Zimbabwe. The greedy superpowers have stretched their hands to dip into our national cake. In order to achieve this, they have to cause confusion and civil strife. Exploitation of any resources needs civil strife as it is a good breeding ground for corruption and exploitation. America has mastered Conflict causation in order to manage their stealing of our resources. It is a pity that our people are ready to be used as the conductors of such.

Foreign interventions are attempts by governments, covertly or overtly, to influence political positions in another country. There are many ways that nations have accomplished regime change abroad, and electoral intervention is only one of those methods. What we are seeing now is how America is using the opposition to destroy Zimbabwe.

 the country intervening in most foreign affairs is the United States with 81 interventions, followed by Russia (including the former Soviet Union) with 36 interventions from 1946 to 2000 - an average of once in every nine competitive elections. But political interventions America tops the list with interference which backfired badly. We just need to look at Syria, Libya and many other countries. Countries are put under sanctions simply because of their raw materials. As Foreign interventions are attempts by governments, covertly or overtly, to influence governance in another country Zimbabwe has been out in the list and 31 August has been put aside as the day to effect regime change in Zimbabwe. The opposition is now lining to oil their pockets and enrich their tummies. For how long shall we as a country suffer. There are many ways that nations have accomplished regime change abroad, and political intervention is only one of those methods. Americans are using the opposition in particular Ngarivhume, Biti and Nkosana Moyo to spearhead a regime change. They are hoping to use the critical economic situation Zimbabwe is in to try and crate a rebellious reaction from the restless masses. The country is in a volatile mood and all America has to do is ignite the gas filled atmosphere. Zimbabwe's intelligence has noted the unprecedented scale of foreign interference activity against Zimbabwe's interests. These activities can undermine Zimbabwe's national security, open system of government and sovereignty.

The Zimbabwean Government must take significant steps to strengthen Zimbabwe's capacity to protect us from foreign interference. The 31st July must be scrapped off Zimbabwe's calendar. No one must be allowed to destabilise our country. Zimbabwe must establish a Counter Foreign Interference Taskforce.

The Taskforce will boost the Government's ability to discover, track and disrupt foreign interference in Zimbabwe and it must have powers to deal with it at its infancy. It is important to understand the difference between foreign influence and interference. All governments, including Zimbabwe's, try to influence discussions on issues of importance. When conducted in an open and transparent manner it is foreign influence. These actions contribute positively to public debate and are a welcome part of international engagement.

Foreign interference, in contrast, is activity that is: carried out by, or on behalf of a foreign actor coercive, corrupting, deceptive, clandestine contrary to Zimbabwe's sovereignty, values and national interests Foreign interference activities go beyond routine diplomatic influence practiced by governments. American ambassador to Zimbabwe behaves like a bully he is and treats Zimbabweans like idiots. What he is doing with Artuz the opposition and many counterproductive agents on their own or alongside espionage activities borders on treason and must never be tolerated.

Foreign actors including foreign intelligence services are creating and pursuing opportunities to interfere with Zimbabwean decision-makers at all levels of government and across a range of sectors including democratic institutions like parliament education and research media and communications culturally and linguistically diverse communities critical infrastructure. Foreign interference poses a growing threat to Zimbabwe's democratic institutions. The government will be forced to apply strict measures to contain the interference. New technologies and advances in how we consume information may potentially allow adversaries to use cyber-enabled means to influence Zimbabweans to undermine the democratic processes. The police must-be working across parties to safeguard Zimbabweans' trust in the Government's capacity to protect Our democratic institutions. This work includes combatting foreign interference, enhancing citizen preparedness, improving organizational readiness and expecting social media and digital platforms to act responsibly Zimbabwe's security and intelligence organizations are at the frontline of our effort to combat foreign interference campaigns against our democratic institutions. When the security forces of Zimbabwe cover the streets to protect the nation those agitating for regime change will start crying foul accusing the nation of trembling human rights. They forget that one's rights end exactly where the other one's rights start.

Our army and our police must be allowed to work to prevent covert, clandestine, or criminal activities from influencing or interfering with the democratically elected government of the people.

As a nation we must be able to Analyse social media activity to look at trends and identify Our vulnerabilities as a nation and, we must Share knowledge and coordinate international responses with those who are friendly to us.

Despite its economic downturn Zimbabwe has shown strong leadership in coordinating and responding to diverse and evolving threats to our democracy. Especially when the enemy is within. The threatened demonstration of the 31st July Zimbabwe will continue its work to combat foreign interference: in order to protect Government systems and networks, as well as offering cyber advice and guidance Zimbabwe must create a dedicated budget to cover these areas.

The Government of Zimbabwe must work hard and detect and disrupt attempted foreign interference activity and investigate criminal activity related to interfering with or attempting to influence Zimbabwe's political landscape.

Zimbabwe prohibits the use of foreign funds by third parties for partisan advertising and activities. It also clarifies offences related to false statements and foreign interference. So the interference by America must be taken up seriously. Zimbabwe must surely be a sovereign state without interference by other nations.

The American sponsored demonstrations of 31 July 2020 must not be allowed. Zimbabweans must open their eyes. Why would they be used to destroy their own future. Zimbabwe must never be allowed to crumble under the cruel hands of detractors.

We must remain united we must stand resolute. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in all the world. United we stand divided we fall.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza.
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