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Are there two different states: The dilemma of a praise singer

15 Jul 2020 at 19:24hrs | Views
The job of a praise singer is one not to be envious of. Dr Simba Mavaza must find it so hard to believe his lies about Zimbabwe unless there is another Zimbabwe on planet Jupiter, which to him must be flowing with milk and honey.

In his article, he points out that people must not let the planned protests destroy our children's future. Well, in case the parrot is perched on the top of a building let it be clear that the Zanu-PF led government has stolen our children's dreams for a long time.

Zanu Pf is a dream stealer.

While Mugabe capped thousands of graduates each year, a role the incumbent has taken over nothing is there to show for those youngsters. They just swell the numbers of unemployed graduates who end up selling air time, vending and so on because unemployment is at over 90%.

So, who has destroyed the children, s lives here as compared to someone who is trying to have things right?

The Zimbabwe Constitution makes it a right to protest. The same right has applied to Zanu Pf thugs when they have sought to protest against imagined sanctions. Sanctions were imposed on targeted individuals, not Zimbabwe hence trade continues, no blockades at ports of entry. The sanctions mantra is used to fool those who bury their heads in the sand and not point at Zanu Pf mismanagement of the economy, corruption which they have mastered, their avarice which made them loot $15 billion worth of Chiadzwa diamonds and failed to turn around the economy of Zimbabwe.

Which sane investors would bring their money as the praise singer claims unless he is referring to pseudo business persons from China, Russia and some funny countries. These come to loot our minerals which they smuggle back to their countries.

If only you would stop singing for your supper and say the truth Zimbabwe would be a much better place.
The praise singers are nothing but modern-day Judas lscariots looking at their selfish individual needs, not the people they purport to sympathise with

There is no country which claims to respect rule of law but uses brutal force on its own people. Zimbabwe continues to shop for weapons as if it is under threat yet it is on standby for use on its own people.

You go on to say people must not take Munangagwa's softness as weakness. A soft person does not threaten the people because they want a better life, he does not use force on innocent people whose only wish is a decent life from their leaders who made those promises.

If you living in that Zimbabwe the others are unaware of it is time you came back to face reality.
Zanu Pf remains in power to loot and loot not for the people and blind parrots like you should take off the blinkers !

Source - A Kadada
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