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4 hidden truths that reveal lockdown is a big mistake

15 Jul 2020 at 22:24hrs | Views
It seems that despite the World Health Organization releases news that should be worldwide valid, each country's government takes decisions independently on how to manage the COVID19 situation.

The containment phase (best known as "lockdown") has been one of the world's most relevant periods of our recent history. It involved an impressive number of countries all over the globe and, what's more, almost all at the same time. The sensation is that the world stopped working. People got suddenly shut off at home like prisoners, they couldn't go to work, some of them could still do some work via the internet, millions of students couldn't attend their classes and lessons from kindergarten up to University.

The Fall Of Global Economy
Let's look at it all - the lockdown phase ended up generating disastrous effects on local economies as well as on the global economy. The global financial markets experienced a rapid collapse that nobody could expect except for a very tiny elite of people who already knew "someone" was going to destroy the world's balance through a virus. Today, there is pretty abundant evidence on the hidden truths about COVID19 and what it worked for.

Political leaders struggle to find a way to restore their country's economy after long months of nonactivity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. One of the most evident consequences of the containment phase is that more people discovered how to use a computer, how to make a research on the web, how to order a meal, make online purchases, and so on. Even entertainment and free-time activities changed during this phase. Some people got closer to online gaming sites, in particular, the casino segment gained large popularity among internet users, in Japan the impact of CasinosNavi on the gaming industry during COVID19 seems to stands out in this specific segment, which makes CasinosNavi be a sort of "virtual Las Vegas" for Japanese gamblers who can't or don't want to go out to a land-based casino.

What Has Actually Happened?

The containment phase produced disastrous effects on all fields of economic activities. At the moment, leaders and experts in the economy are examining data to understand what has actually happened during the past three months. Their goal is to restore their local economy and see what they can do to have it again in function.

Are you still convinced that the containment strategy is what can lead the world to salvation from a virus that fades away naturally within 70 days? We want to show you clear evidence that the containment phase was and will always stay a big mistake:

1. COVID19 comes with a very low risk of dying afraid over Covid-19

According to a recent study conducted at Stanford University, the fatality rate of COVID19 is as low as 0.1 to 0.2 percent. However, at the beginning of the diffusion of COVID19, the World Health Organization estimated this rate could be 20 to 30 times higher. Today's studies are based on evidence and real data, which means they reflect how COVID19 really impacts on people's health.

2. Social relationships got under attacked

TV shows, news, and mass media that work for the government gave a large contribution to diffuse fear and anxiety. As a result, many people avoid or reject others as they are afraid to get infected although the others are not at risk for spreading COVID19. Unless you have serious medical conditions (for example, two or more combined illnesses), you do not have to refuse any social contact with other people.

3. Health tips diffused by mass media are useless

They're still telling us all we should wash our hands more often, use disinfectants on all surfaces, and a lot of other anti-COVID19 "measures". However, they won't tell us that these products are highly toxic. So, we shouldn't use them often on our skin. The immune system needs germs, bacteria, and viruses to keep working and improving over time for a better body defence. If we deprive it of such elements, our immune system works less, it becomes weaker, and insufficient to protect our body.

4. Fake numbers told about COVID19 deaths against gov's fake news on COVID-19

Many governments released fake numbers about the deaths for COVID19 by taking the overall number of weekly/monthly deaths and declaring they "all" were due to COVID19. The truth is that there were people dead for cancer, ictus, infections, car accidents, and the few people who died for COVID19 already had very bad health conditions due to chronic illnesses and diseases. COVID19 simply contributed to worsening their bad health condition.

People are "waking up". Finally, it's happening. Authoritative doctors and professors are diffusing real data on COVID19 and a lot of hidden truths are emerging every day. All we have to do is getting back to our sense of normality and live our lives as we've always done. Viruses are part of nature, they come up and then fade away naturally. It's always been like that since the appearance of living beings on earth.
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