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Zanu-PF to blame for corruption

21 Jul 2020 at 09:20hrs | Views
SOME people are lucky. They invaded farms and seized all equipment, cattle, crops (tobacco, citrus fruits, maize and macadamia nuts) because they are Zanu-PF members.

The ran everything down and then the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono came to their rescue with more freebies. During his time as the central bank boss, he gifted them with tractors from government for free because they were Zanu-PF.

They even went to the extent of being given scotchcarts which they did not even need. They ran everything down, marrying several women and having many girlfriends.
The same people went on to access huge loans from CBZ Bank, and most of them never paid back even a single dime.

After that, government rolled out the presidential inputs scheme and again, because they are Zanu-PF, they got and are getting everything for free.

Guess what? It's the innocent taxpayers who are footing the bill for them.

Yet these perennial "gift takers" are failing to produce food. Some sell maize seed provided under the free inputs scheme so that they can get quick money to buy beer and finance luxurious lifestyles.

In recent years, the Zanu-PF administration rolled out the command agriculture scheme, an ambitious project which only helped those same ruling party members to access funding. Whatever they did with the money the got, it never benefited Zimbabwe, because they have never filled up the country's grain silos.

As a result, half the country's population is starving.

The government imports maize from other countries, with some corrupt Zanu-PF chefs taking advantage of the imports to inflate prices and line their pockets. To make matters worse, no maize is delivered and they start blaming American sanctions.

Because of Zanu-PF's well-orchestrated corruption, most of those who were born from 1985 have never been employed anywhere.

This is why some of us had to go away from this kind of distasteful environment.

Source - newsday
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