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Is someone poisoning our Generals?

30 Jul 2020 at 10:32hrs | Views
What is happening to our Generals? Could there be a strange omen befalling our decorated and gallant sons or could it be the hand of God as Diego Maradona would put it?

I have been thinking and analyzing the situation and I am left with more questions than answers.
Lt. General SB Moyo
The man with a familiar face and a loved voice who became famous for announcing operation restore legacy was taken ill and spent a lot of time out of action. Only the doctors and the patient know the exact ailment which attacked the man who risked treason and became the face of a military intervention. Speculation was rife that the soldier was poisoned. Journalists and activists threw the Russian Polonium 210 into the mix and the nation felt relieved when the voice of November 2017 reappeared fit as a fiddle and back to normal duty.

General Chiwenga
The story of General Chiwenga has played out in the public domain. Some strange ailment tried to rob the nation of its General. General Chiwenga is probably viewed as our modern-day Tongogara, the People’s General, or General Bae as some would call him.

The ancestors and the Creator stood firm when we all thought that the General was breathing his final breath on the planet. The General went to China, as a military man he reshuffled his security cards, protocols and inner circle, within weeks he was back on his feet.

The General filed for divorce and the court papers had explosive details which are in the public domain.

General Chiwenga's condition was bad to a point where he failed to bid farewell to his commander in chief, Robert Mugabe.

Speaking of Robert Mugabe, another General died before Robert Mugabe was buried.

Major General Trust Mugoba
The details around the death of another decorated son of the soil are sketchy at best. The Major General was taken ill, he recovered and was about to be discharged and his situation got worse again before he was discharged and that was how we bade farewell to a decorated soldier who served the Republic diligently. What could have happened to him?

Fast forward to present day where we mourn another son of the soil.

Chief Air Marshall Perence Shiri
The Newsday carries a headline that reads Shiri died of poisoning. In the story, family members say they suspect poisoning and not Covid-19.

The question then becomes is it a strange omen or is it deliberate foul play by the enemies of the Republic?

What is happening to our Generals, are they being poisoned, if so by who to what end?

The nation still hasn't found answers over the Bulawayo explosion which killed one of the nation's security personnel and injured some high ranking members of the executive.

Could the same hand behind the Bulawayo explosion be behind whatever it is that is happening to our Generals?

It seems the men who guard us and protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity need our prayers.

Source - Alex Muzuva
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