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Israel Dube: Mnangagwa and Mliswa are not Mashonaland: Mashonaland is not mourning the death of Perrance Shiri

31 Jul 2020 at 11:35hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is not divided into two because of the death of Perrance Shiri. Your article of yesterday on Bulawayo24 is wholly unfortunate and misleading. As we speak the people of Mashonaland are out there in the streets trying with all their might, putting their lives on the line to remove Zanu PF thugs and criminals that have captured the government. Mhondi dze vahnu ve Zanu PF. This peddling of tribalism will not assist the country to heal and unite at all. I cannot understand how this deep hatred of othering will assist your cause to liberate Matabeleland. History tells us that those tribal hatred of other can later turn against the very people you purport to liberate. There are all signs that you can be as cruel as Mnangagwa himself, a criminal you want to emulate his killing tactics and you have complete absence of sanctity of life.

You are saying: Mnangagwa and Mliswa and Monica Mutsvangwa are the voice of Shona people. If they salute their fellow thug, it did not mean that the whole of Mashonaland is saluting the criminal. Shiri is part of a gangster of Mnangagwa and Co that looted the nation dry at the same time they are daily killing the peoples of Mashonaland with the same set of killing tactics they butchered the peoples of Matabeleland in the early 1980s. We must be  precise with our political historicity of this nation: only then can we get credibility nationally and international too. This blanket assumption that the people of Mashonaland are mourning the death of Perrance Shiri is sauciness and it insults the othering we want to remove and build a nation that respects diversity.

Pictures of MDC supports who were butchered, maimed, raped during the farm invasions of the Millennium, during Murambatsvina, during the 2008 general elections, during the 2018 harmonised elections are all vivid in our minds. The people of Mashonaland have suffered equally from the hands of Zanu PF. They are now smelling like goats just like us. They suffer from the monster Zanu PF they elected in 1980, the consequences of voting on tribal lines are showing their ugliness. They realize their sad mistake that is costly to comprehend it all. Much as the Shona people voted tribal in the first democratic elections of 1980, they realize only now that Zanu PF is a party that nurtures itself with the blood of its citizens: Mashona and Matabele people.

I would understand your anger better if you wrote an article about today's demonstrations. I was expecting an article from you telling the people of Mashonaland to demonstrate alone and remove the monster they voted for in 1980. We Ndebele peoples of this region cannot be expected to go out to remove what we did not electorally approve of in the first place. We are not even sure how the power will be shared after this 31 July takeover from Mnangagwa. From the look of things, tribalism is rife in MDC-Alliance. Chamisa shows all signs of a hard chore tribalist. Chamisa thinks Zimbabwe is Mashonaland. This is not to say all peoples of Mashonaland think like Chamisa. It is unfortunate we do not have aspiring young leaders who has the calibre that Comrade Joshua Nkomo had, to unite our different ethnic groups of this great country and we learn tolerance of our diverse culture and we respect each other as such.  

In as much as Zimbabwe is in danger of voting for Chamisa to power, we in Matabeleland are in danger of having leaders like Israel Dube who masquerade as liberators of the people of this region. We shall know later and rudely your dictatorial acumen. You are not only a dangerous leader to this region, you misogynistic tendences and absence of respect of life are a great cause to be concerned about. How many times have you threatened the people of this region of Matabeleland with Winnie Mandela necklaces? You have threatened women and not men curiously.

We are watching you too. We want to see how you will assume power in Matabeleland, your party is waiting on the fence to get the opportune moment to "liberate" Matabeleland from the Shona dominancy. You know yourself too that the people of this region will not vote for your party. It is for this reason you want to use brute force to get Mthwakazi issue done! 

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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