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Poverty fighting...our generational struggle

05 Aug 2020 at 18:00hrs | Views
Every generation has its own unique Struggle to fight for without shame or apology. Born Free from Colonial rule we are chained by Poverty. We have no jobs and by 2030 when we are in our 50s, unable to hassle for an income as we are doing now; we will be extremely miserable without a pension to fall back on. Our children, born in poverty and without a guaranteed 3meal per day are hopeless. Poverty is our number one enemy and it is time we talk about it and act on it now! None but the poor will free themselves.

We are giving our hope to the wrong people. The Haves cannot fight for the Havenots if anything, they do all they can to keep us poor so they become richer. To win elections, you need poor people to vote for you through bribing them with political promises that are discarded once one wins the elections and start fattening their pockets. Bribed by beer, food, seed and dreams the poor have continued to vote for the rich. Our generation is guilty as charged. Where a few can, they seek Accommodation by the political rich. We have done it with ZANU and done it with MDCs. Used for their political expediency with nothing to show afterwards.

The generation that formed ZAPU/ZaNU fought for liberation hence they were liberation movements. That was their struggle and they successfully lobbied, advocated and executed it till 'lndependence' in 1980. Then what after lndependence? Did they have another struggle to fight or they had arrived at their destination? They couped their leader RG Mugabe and expelled his young turks G40 in 2015. We read of plots n plots within their file and ranks.  Enter in the late 90s the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) a coalition of labour, constitution (lawyers) and students activists. Their struggle was for the working class and demanding a New Constitution, the warcry was Mugabe/Zanu must go!Now in 2020, The economy is more than 80% informal, a new Constitution by ZANU and MDC was enacted in 2015 and Mugabe was ousted in 2017 through a military coup. From their formative struggle, what's the new plan? We see them splitting and fighting each other in courts and streets for the control of the party and finances. Their leader MR Tsvangirai died in 2018 and we all know the dramas that followed.

ZANU and MDCs are the two major political players in the deeply polarised Zimbabwean politics. Both are way past their movements' sell by dates. Their struggle expired and are poisonous to the present and future of Zimbabwe. Power is their obsession and they will both do whatever it takes to have power. Both cults have a sense of entitlement to Zim politics and occupying the highest office of the land. Their leaders are rich and they have a good relationship of enriching themselves whilst their Voters live in abject poverty.They both are supported by the poor and use the poor in their fights. I have seen them wining and dining at the finest hotels in the City of Harare, they are one and together in this looting galore. They are one and together in Corruption with one either executing the deed     or benefiting from the deed through legal representation. You my fellow poor citizens must find where you are in it together and unite for your own good.

 Poor ZANU, poor MDC, poor teacher, poor nurse, poor soldier, poor police, poor intelligence, poor doctor, poor vendor, poor entrepreneur, poor lawyer, poor activists, poor journalist, poor artist, poor graduate, poor all!!We in it equally together in Poverty! We are poor and maybe we could give a few guidelines for you to self check on your economic place. More than 85% of Zimbabweans are poor and live below the poverty datum line. The average monthly bread basket is now at RTGS12000. How much is your salary or monthly income? Do you have a working medical aid? Do you own a house? Do you have running water in your house? How much do you have in savings for your pension or children's educational policy? We will ask some poverty experts to create a ZimPoverty Checklist so that for a start we know our real status and think soberly.

Being true to ourselves as a generation is the first step towards fighting our common enemy which is poverty. The causes of this poverty are many and together we must identify and deal with them one by one when we are organized and united by a common cause to fight and eradicate poverty amongst ourselves. This we must do unselfishly for the love of our children and as a Generational Mandate and Obligation. When we win this, we must know that our assignment is over and allow our children to fight their own Generational struggle.

No Generation can fight another Generations' struggle. I am irritated by Patrick Chinamasas constant utterances. This is a grandfather to my kids, a father figure to me who has no shame and respect to my Generation. He believes that Zimbabwe is his personal asset for him n his liberation mates to hold and to have. He is of the "Chinhu Chedu" thinking. This man presided over the sinking of his fellow pensioners savings when he was Mugabes Minister of Finance. This ederly man threatens young people when they express their disquiet over the Corruption sinking my generation deeper into poverty. Born Free Generation, Arise and fight Poverty. Chinamasa and like minded elderly people have no jurisdiction over the Struggle of my Generation. Abasha Poverty for the sake of our Children!

Lynnette Tendayi Mudehwe
Zimbabwe Activists Alliance Coordinator (writing in my personal capacity)

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Source - Lynnette Tendayi Mudehwe
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