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Silly protest threats must stop! Covid-19 is Real

06 Aug 2020 at 07:51hrs | Views
Covid19 is real and we have real challenges that require all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliations to put heads together on how we can survive this. Opposition supporters are crowded in the High Density suburbs where Covid19 can wipe them out in a day. Their so called leaders are busy playing cat and mouse with security services about planned demos ignoring the real threat their people are facing. They are exposing us to more danger as government responds in all sorts including withdrawing public transport  Zupcos from the road. The Covid enforcement measures are also being resisted and ignored as political enforcement instead of life saving initiatives.

 Whilst the poor citizens go through all this, the so called demo leaders are proudly safe in hiding and happy. What is there to happy about? Do you see what you are exposing the poor supporters of yours to and other citizens who are not on twitter and don't even know about your protests? You think that Covid19 is not serious enough it must play second fiddle to your democratic right to demonstrate?

As leaders, what have you done about establishing Isolation Centres in your communities? Are you aware that Self-Isolation is ineffective in High Density areas? Have you done any Covid19 behavioral change campaigns in your communities? What role are you playing to prevent loss of life? Zero zilch hapana and one wonders what type of leaders you are. Be responsible fellow Cdes. There is time for everything and now we must stop all else and concentrate on saving loss of life due to Covid19. We have demonstrated together before and can demonstrate again together when we win this war against Covid19. Show leadership to save lives not endanger lives.

We know u want a National Transitional Authority and desperately need the government to respond brutally as usual and get the required response from the West. It is cold out here for all of us and the thoughts of a GNU where we can share a piece of the cake as we did in 2008 are too tempting making some very unreasonable. Being Ministers with all the luxuries, perdiems and access to youth loans and other government funds is very what you want Cdes and even over dead bodies you want that chance once again.

Your Cde-ln-Arms

Lynnette Tendayi Mudehwe

Zimbabwe Activists Alliance Coordinator (2 August2020)

Source - Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe
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