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Those He wants to destroy, God first makes them mad

by Tondo
08 Aug 2020 at 20:06hrs | Views
Some of our people what has gotten into them, playing hide and seek with self then crying 'wolf'? Galivanting the world over groveling for the tightening of the noose on the neck of the motherland then gleefully lamenting the state of the economy.

Are we not the same people, children of the soil whose umbilical cords are buried in the house of stones? The Stockholm Syndrome seem to have taken charge of some among us, embracing our former tormentors who enslaved Africa and our ancestry.

Since when did they become bosom buddies or its alluring of the filthy luco? How different is the scenario from the Judas debacle? In house differences and varying opinions are part of humanity, however, amicable home grown solutions can be found by putting our heads to gather without knocking them thereby pulling ourselves out of the threatening economic quicksand.

Why not solve our problems and overcome the challenges bedeviling the country we call home.

Church leaders and regional leadership can help break the ice. We have Poland, why not use it for suggestions and advice to chat the way forward and hopefully coming to a logical, solid and progressive grand finale.

Zimbabwe needs a growing economy, a buying currency and full silos. For progress and for posterity, let's put unhelpful grandstanding aside and have Zimbabwe first.

Corruption must be stopped in its track. Maintain social distancing and embrace 'Pfumvudza' so everyone can have enough grain to feed families and the nation.

Tondo. Chinehasha. Mash. Central.

Source - Tondo
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