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Illegal compensation of stolen Zimbabwe assets to white farmers

10 Aug 2020 at 18:23hrs | Views
Good day Mr Editor

I would like to publish my opinion /article concerning the above issue in your paper Bulawayo24 with your permission.

The compensation deal that was signed between Zanu-PF purportedly representing Zimbabweans with the handful of the remaining surviving white farmers of the so called loss they incurred during the reversal of the past colonial injustices of the past colonial perpetrators raises a stink.

It is common cause that the whites during the colonisation process of armed invasion inflicted on the indigenous African black Zimbabweans left the majority of Zimbabweans poor and landless.

The Africans who owned mineral mines, herds of cattle and huge acres of land or farms had these assets or wealth taken away or "stolen" by the white colonial settlers.

In summary this stolen African wealth was then washed clean by the settlers in the name of civilization and subsequently passed down to their future generations.Fast forward these current beneficiaries of this wealth being the current white farmers that this Zanu-PF government intends to "compensate".

If this Zanu-PF government is transparent on this land issue which their past president Mugabe messed up and sold out to the British in exchange for power, why did they not consult Zimbabweans on their opinion regarding such a sensitive issue which was the bedrock of the liberation struggle for independent Black rule and a free Zimbabwe?

In their defence against this ridiculous illegal compensation this Zanu-PF government refers to the Constitution, a Constitution is  simply a document that is comparable to a will in as in essence it contains the will and intentions of the people and can be amended if the circumstances dictate.

Soon after 1980 the British drafted behind closed doors the so called fake Lancaster House Constitution which had a clause "willing buyer willing seller" that protected the interests of the minority white farmers from returning the stolen land back to the lawful owners being Zimbabweans.

A constitution is not cast in stone as it is just a piece of paper that can be amended and does not justify bad behaviour and acts of treachery and sabotage and betrayal of the people of Zimbabwe by a group of people who have elevated their status to that of demi gods.

The compensation clause was inserted in the current Constitution of Zimbabwe after the Zimbabweans were pressured by the EU,USA,UK,IMF,WORLD BANK and all these foreign white monetary institutions who were basically looking out for the interests of the fellow white counterparts, white farmers.

Stupidly this Zanu-PF government fell for this treachery and approved the clause to bind Zimbabweans to compensate these undeserving white farmers.Recently in theBlack Lives Matter Movement ( BLM) in USA, African American citizens were never compensated by their slave masters who uprooted them from their families in Africa and yet all these African Americans are seeking is equal treatment in American society and not financial compensation which of course they can claim from the American government.

These white farmers should have not been compensated such a huge amount of American dollars as Zimbabwe cannot afford such a transaction because as of right now this Zanu-PF government cannot afford to test Zimbabweans for Covid-19, a test kit probably worth USD $4.

The land process although it was derailed by Mugabe due to his greedy, power hungry and ruthless character in 1980, it was inevitable as Zimbabweans finally were compensated or vindicated when their birthright was returned to them in the period of 2000 which is their birthright.

Our forefathers were never compensated for the loss of their land, cattle and mines by the white settlers or their successive white governments of Ian Smith or IMF,EU or the World Bank.

Basically after the period of 2000 Black Africans and whites in Zimbabwe became even and as the latin saying goes "give back to Ceasar what is due unto Ceasar."

Mzilikazi Zwane

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Source - Mzilikazi Zwane
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