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'Have identified problems, will now revive health service' promised Chiwenga - No: 1 problem remains, Zanu PF

13 Aug 2020 at 23:53hrs | Views
"Things will never be the same again. We are restructuring and reforming our health delivery system. We want to rebuild the structures from village to referral level. Things will never be the same again, but we must work together," said VP Chiwenga in his new role as Minister of Health.

"We have already identified the problems and we do not want a repeat of what was happening before."

This is just one more empty promise, "a puny dog's fart", as Chinua Achebe would say, to improve the people's lives that will never be fulfilled.

Ever since the day Zanu PF got into power in 1980 the party has promised the nation "mass economic prosperity" (Gutsa ruzhinji!) and has never ever doubted its ability to deliver on that promise. The reality is, the country's economic fortune has been in steady decline for the last four decades because of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption.

Whilst the people have been painfully aware that Zanu PF was bring mass poverty and not mass prosperity, they have remained totally helpless to do anything about it. They could not remove Zanu PF from office because the party had imposed a de facto one-party dictatorship and rigged elections to stay in power.

This Zanu PF administration led by Mnangagwa and Chiwenga has promised to revive the economy following the November 2017 military coup but now, nearly three years later, the economic situation is worse than ever. Chiwenga is just a simpleton who does not even the common sense to know he cannot revive the health service whilst the national economy remains in the doldrums!

The root cause of Zimbabwe's economic mess and political paralysis (both Zanu PF and the opposition are corrupt and incompetent) is the country's rotten political system. Zimbabwe is stuck for 40 years and counting with this corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF regime.

"We have already identified the problems!" If you had any common sense then you would know by now, after 40 years of blundering from pillar to post whilst dragging the nation deeper and deeper into this Zanu PF inspired hell-on-earth, that you and this Zanu PF dictatorship remains the number one problem. And the solution is for the country to implement the democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF remaining in power against the democratic wishes of the people!

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