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ZANU PF's Cde Mugwadi refuse to be bullied by biased Aljazeera news anchor

19 Aug 2020 at 07:38hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is a peaceful country under attack from a clique of desperate fortune seekers disguised as politicians and human rights activist, ZANU PF Information Director, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, said yesterday as he refused to be bullied into submitting there was a crisis in the country by a biased Aljazeera's The Stream anchor, Femi Oke.

Oke a typical African agent of western imperialism, who on her Twitter bio prides herself as "tweeting about the world with a British ascent," could not hide her bias as she desperately asked leading questions that sought to placate the imagined crisis in Zimbabwe.

Additionally, the old videos of alleged Police brutality being ascribed to the New Dispensation which were aired during the programme, further sold out Oke's agenda on Zimbabwe.

MDC-A Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere and pseudo human rights activist Dewa Mavinga were the other two panellists.

"Zimbabwe is a peaceful country, except the society is ravaged by Covid-19 but not to the extent that other nations within the fringes of our borders have suffered. We are peaceful people only being disturbed by a desperate clique of fortune seekers and relevant seekers who have…" said Cde Mugwadi before being "strategically" cut off.

Adding that the MDC-A "…political movement has suffered two things that I have got to bring to the attention of this discussion. One they have been decimated by the court ruling which nullified the presidency of the person which she thinks or claims to lead, and that's Nelson Chamisa. "Number two the same political is splitting and it has been splitting several times. Recently, they do not have a party headquarters and she can testify to that. Now she thinks that going on an international diatribe to undermine the efforts of our Government and ZANU PF will work, no it does not work." Cde Mugwadi said.

 He further punctured Mahere's claims of abductions in the country.

"Now she goes about literally spreading lies and spewing hate that there are abductions in this country when we know they have been faking abductions at Harvest House in a desperate attempt to recover and resurrect waning relevance.

"They are also scandal ridden in the MDC-A in the same political party which she claim to come from, they have disappeared their own US$2 million dollars from the Political Parties Finance Act which she cannot account for," he said Cde Mugwadi dismissed Mahere's claims that her recent arrest was politically motivated drawing parallels from how other nations were enforcing Covid-19 regulations particularly on social distancing.

"Now you say I have got some other time to speak to Fadzai but you are allowed her to refer to her own circumstances when she said she was arrested while holding a placard. Now if I were going to ask you what was Fadzai doing in the streets.

"But do you know that the whole world, all jurisdictions, all nations across the world are in lockdown of one way or the other. Zimbabwe is not an exception. Go to South Africa were people are rubber bulleted for engaging in unnecessary crowding, where demonstrations have literally been suspended in order to ensure that Government and jurisdictions rally the nations against this pandemic called Covid-19," said Cde Mugwadi.

Source - David Mwanza
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