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Ndebeles in Zimbabwe worried as Information Minister threatens second genocide

20 Aug 2020 at 07:22hrs | Views
Make no mistake. Zimbabwe Information Minister, Monica Mutsvanga statement was not an attack on one individual Matebele, Arch Bishop Ndlovu or Catholic Bishops. But it was an unbridled threat of Matabeleland second genocide and broad day light display of Matabele hatred on behalf of unpunished Matabeleland genocide perpetrators and Shona supremacists who dominate the government of Zimbabwe.

When we thought we had seen it all, here comes Nehemiah Mutendi the leader of ZCC also of Monica Mutsvangwa's tribe, a  Matabeleland genocide denialist saying that people must not talk about Matabeleland genocide. This is so insensitive for a man who is a Christian like him, its quite clear that he belongs to a large group of Shona men of cloth who kept quiet when innocent people of Matabeleland were being killed.

MLO's demands  for the restoration of Matabeleland state are justified. This is a wake up call for all Matabeles who still take Zimbabwe as their safe home to realise that there is no such and stand up to fight for the independence of Matabeleland.

The deafening silence from Matabeleland genocide plotters in the Presidency like President  Emmerson Mnangagwa , Vice President Chiwenga and their praise singer come Second Vice, Kembo Mohadi and  shows that wherever they are, they are  laughing and petting Monica Mutsvanga in the back in support of her dangerous tribal hate speech.

For Monica Mutsvanga to single out Arch Bishop Ndlovu, a Matabele, for tribal attack out of seven white and Shona Bishops who signed the pastoral letter aimed at persuading Zanu-PF to reform shows the highest level of hatred for Matabele people in Zimbabwe. It shows that people of Matabeleland have no freedom of speech in Zimbabwe and that any Matabele who speaks against Matabeleland genocide invites his own death and the slaughter of other innocent Matabeles in Zimbabwe.

It is not surprising that she used Rwandan genocide and Arthanase Seromba as a convenient point of reference in her threat.

Comparing Bishop Ndlovu who condemned gross human rights abuse against Zimbabweans by Zanu-PF to Arthanase Seromba a convicted and jailed Rwandan genocide perpetrator makes sense only when the principle of reverse psychology is applied.

It is a well known secret that majority Hutu that committed genocide against minority Tutsi in Rwanda and majority Shona that committed genocide in Matabeleland are blood relatives, hence Rwandan genocide proudly used as point of reference.

Shonas were sent packing from the Great Lakes region for witchcraft and left in a huff without a king or leader.

Shonas and Hutu are identifiable by the following traits: they have the DNA of corruption and stealing, hatred for other tribes, failure to run the country and economy, appetite for spilling innocent blood through genocide.

Reverse psychology applied, Monica Mutsvanga statement meant that people of Matabeleland are an insignificant minority whose life and voice are not valued in Zimbabwe. And that any Matabele who talks about the plight of Matabele people and Matabeleland genocide in Zimbabwe deserves to be killed together with other innocent Matabeles like Tutsi in Rwanda.

Rwanda was saved from the destructive hands of Shona blood relatives (Hutu) when Paul Kagame, a Tutsi, took over after a civil war. Now Rwanda is a shining pebble and pride of Africa.

But Zimbabwe will remain a hellhole of corruption, coups, economic chaos and political disorder even after Matabele are long gone as long as the Shona people who are possessed by demons of stealing and witchcraft are in power. It does not matter which Shona will takeover looting and corruption will remain the order of the day.

From now on, MLO will announce its political presents and visibility in Matabeleland and beyond.

Wherever the Shona people will gather to protest, we will be there in our numbers with our banners, placards, hailers and The Republic of Matabeleland flag to demand the restoration of Matabeleland State and compensation of US$100 billion for Matabeleland genocide.

Wherever and whenever the Zimbabweans aka Shona people meet to denounce corruption and discuss the economic fall, we will be present to denounce tribal oppression against Matabele people, marginalisation of Matabele people at high institutions of education, at the labour market, in economics, politics, socially and development wise by the Shona supremacist government.

Wherever and whenever Zimbabweans will sit around the table to discuss the Zimbabwe political crisis, Matabeleland political issues ie Matabeleland statehood restoration and the demand for US$100 billion will be discussed.

MLO does not take genocide threats by the government of Zimbabwe very lightly considering that Nathan Shamuyarira, Zimbabwe  Minister of Information from 1980 to 1987 said Zimbabwe had its own Shona people to care for and does not need extras (Matabele people) and what followed was a genocide where over 40 000 innocent unarmed Matabeles including children and women were dastardly killed.

This time around we will defend our people with our own blood. Never again shall the people of Matabeleland be slaughtered by the government of Zimbabwe while we watch.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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