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Monica Mutsvangwa attacked

21 Aug 2020 at 05:52hrs | Views

Social media has gone crazy attacking Monica Mutsvangwa for her response she made to the unprovoked letter by the Catholic Bishops. The two letters went viral with Monica's letter taken in a very bad taste by the usual anti Zimbabwean activists and their supporters. Who is Monica Mutsvangwa. 

Monica Mutsvangwa is a Zimbabwean politician, Minister of Information and member of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) since she was 15. She is  a very lovely lady married to Christopher Mutsvangwa and is a mother of four. Being a mother shows her motherly instincts and her love for the family life. Like all mothers Monica Mutsvangwa loves peace and this explains the reason why she was horrified by the letter from the Bishops   

Unlike what haters said in abusing Monica through Social Media  Mrs Mutsvangwa is not dull. She holds a Degree in Marketing  from the (City University in New York in the United States of America USA in 1990) she holds a further Masters Degree in Business Administration (Baruch College in USA 2005)

After the country attained its independence in 1980 from white minority rule, Mutsvangwa worked as a diplomat in Windhoek (Namibia), Brussels (Australia) and New York (USA).On 16 March 2012, she was  appointed as the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, assuming the position left by Tracy Mutinhiri. At this time Mutsvangwa was the senetor  for Mutare. 

Mutsvangwa is receiving personal attacks on her person by people who pretend to love Zimbabwe. 

In her response Mrs Mutsvangwa responded not in her personal capacity. She mentioned more than twenty times that the letter was from the Government of Zimbabwe. Mutsvangwa is not the Government of Zimbabwe and attacking her personally is idiotic and vindictive. 

Looking at the letter she read on behalf of the government there was no tribal tone at all. It is a shame that we have a section of the lazy tribalists who  raise a tribal card each time they run out of facts. It should be noted now that the issue of Gukurahundi is never one sided. It was beyond tribes. It is narrow minded for any one to connect any complaint about any person to a region or a tribe the person belongs to. It is sad that those who wish bad for Zimbabwe always try to fix Zimbabweans against Zimbabweans. It is baffling that some people saw tribalism in the response which was perfectly appropriate. Firstly the Bishops were very wrong. We do agree that the church has a very important role to play in national governance.  The church plays a role of an advisor and guide. It prays for the nation and the government fully aware that governments are appointed by God himself.  So if the Bishops agrees with that narrative they should see where their fault was in their misguided letter. 

If the Bishops were meant to counsel the government and offer guidance why did they not send a team to visit the president or government at large and rebuke them guide them and counsel them. Why publishing their letter first  was their target the public or government? Was it playing to the gallery. If it was playing to the gallery it back fired very bad. When they received a response they cried foul. 

As spiritual  fathers they knew better how to communicate a rebuke.  It was in their best interest to engage Zimbabwean government privately then issue a statement after the meeting. Why would an experienced church leadership counsel a government publicly. This shows that there was a person they were pleasing. They were trying to prove to their handlers that they are working. 

In all this talk about Crisis in Zimbabwe one must understand that Zimbabwe has a multi party democracy. We have opposition parties none of them even one has issued a statement that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe. We all know Chamisa loves the press if there was a crisis he would have called a press conference by now. The fact that all the opposition are quiet means that there is no crisis. So would the church one church only see the crisis. Why does the church take the position of an opposition party? Why would the church find itself to have a God given right to rebuke but it does not need to be corrected. The Bishops have so many Skeletons hidden in their cupboards. In America and England they have been exposed some of them have been imprisoned for sexual abuse of small boys some of them have Children all over. 

It is common knowlledge that priests who have skeletons about to come out will become political activists so that if they are confronted they raise the victimisation card. 

It is not a secret that priests bishops and man of the Cloths have had hidden interests in politics. We had Bishop Muzorewa Rev  Sithole   Rev Chakwera of Malawi Bishop D Tutu. So there is nothing wrong with challenging Bishops to take off the rob and descend in the political arena. 

Now attacking Mutsvangwa for standing by a principle is evil and disgusting. Those getting pleasure in attacking her must rethink.    

It is a shame that we still have people who are tribal happy. Monica Mutsvangwa is a nationalist and she stands above tribalism. 

As Zimbabweans lets unite despite our political differences we need to come together as a nation. We must not allow a Bishop to separate us. We are a God fearing country our prayers must go straight to God not through a Bishop. We must not be spiritually intimidated God is for us all. 

What then shall we say to these things. If God be for us who will be against us? Romans 8v31.  And Paul said. In all these things we are more than conquerers. Romans 8v 37.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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