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Temba Mliswa in alliance with Jonathan Moyo?

22 Aug 2020 at 20:30hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is a very interesting nation. Anything in the air excites people. There has been hissing and buzzing and people talking with their mouths closed after an audio was leaked to the public by the professional  gossiper Jonathan Moyo.  The audio was a discussion between Tagwirei and Temba Mliswa.  In the discussion the centre of the discussion was the president and his rule. An issue which referred to the president as a man who gives you a position and later hangs you out to dry. This narration of the president not protecting his own was not said by Tagwirei but by a voice of a suspected personal bodyguard of the president. The guy is said to have been removed from his section to another section. He really was lucky if it was in America he would have been fired.

The audio raised a lot of issues surrounding the president's style of ruling.

This audio was distributed by Jonathan Moyo who was so excited that he posted it on his twitter and on his Facebook page. The excitement by Jonathan Moyo was a clear message that says Moyo apererwa.

The audio after lostening to it brings out few important lessons to all in politics today.

The audio was actually recorded by Temba himself. Why do I say so. The voice of Temba was an original voice while Kuda Tagwirei's voice showed that it was in the phone hence a third part recording. Kuda was talking innocently to a friend and relative while Temba has malice afore thought. He recorded Kuda with the sole purpose of leaking it to Jonathan Moyo. Even though Temba claims that he does not like Jonathan Moyo he has acted otherwise. Temba has not claimed that his phone is lost which means he shared the message will fully with Jonathan Moyo. The question is who really is Temba Mliswa.  Temba is a man you need hto avoid as he is double edged swordand cuts on all sides.  Temba is a confused independent Member of Parliament. He has nothing to lose so he it becomes easy for him to fix anyone.

People should treat Temba with caution. The question one must ask Why is Temba leaking such an audio to Jonathan Moyo considering the persecution she went through under the G40.

Because Temba is an unstable politician he was once slapped by Patrick Zhuwawo's wife. Temba is good in saying anything passing it as whistle blowing he takes no prisoners and he does not leave a witness alife.
Temba would benefit more in acting as a whistle blower.
In this audio Temba clearly showed that he is corrupt and he abuses his position to settle scores
He is heard asking Kuda " is Dalish Nguwaya your person. If he is I will spare him but if he is not i will burn him" direct translation from Shona.

Temba is creating a mafiaric empire where he runs a cartel and then tries to romp in big people and big names for his extortion schemes. He appointed himself a counsellor and wants to lecturer Nguwaya and ask people to submit to him or else he will burn them in the social media. Temba is heard advocating that the president of Zimbabwe must appoint   People who pay allegiance to him. He said in Shona. " Mudhara ngaasarudze vanhu vake" clearly pushing for nepotism  in cabinet appointments. Temba stands for Nepotism and cronyism  and he deliberately smear people in order to get something to say against them

In the Audio Temba attacks Tabani Mpofu. Tabani Mpofu is the Presidential anti-corruption special prosecution unit head prosecutor.
Tabani Mpofu not the MDC lawyer. Is a straight forward hard working  person.  He is an anti graft prosecutor  who has angered Temba because of his upright approach. Temba has made it his business to attack the Anti graft prosecutor a mere civil servant. His plan is that once he is in courts for the crimes he is committing he will have a reason to say the prosecutors don't like him. In all his attacks on Tabani Mhofu Mpofu   Temba was surprised by the coolness and maturity Tabani has exhibited.

Like any other confused person Temba ended up calling Tabani an MDC person. This is a trend used by political enemies. They label each other and declare another an enemy of another.

Tabani does not deserve the insults he got from Temba in that audio.
One will notice that the excitement Jonathan Moyo had about this audio died very fast when there was nothing of substance which came out.
You will notice that Gata is said to be the one who caused Chasi's dismissal and that Gata is being protected by the president. These lies are very clear because as I write Gata is few steps away from Arrest. This shows that President Mnangagwa is not partisan his fight against corruption is real.

The most interesting thing is that Temba carried himself as a presidential advisor in this case.
But coming back to Tagwirei despite the fact that he is the most hated person on land by the opposition he is a presidential advisor. In that breath he can engage anyone so that he understands people's feelings thoughts and ideas for the aim of getting proper advise to give to the president. So in the audio Tagwirei was being a pro active presidential advisor.

The only problem on this case was that Temba was not being sincere.
With all the wave Jonathan Moyo created on this audio he missed the point. This did not show that the President was captured. This was gossip done by people of that level.
Jonathan Moyo aimed yo have this conversation blown out of proportion.
The lessons to be learnt are that never trust Temba Mliswa.

Temba has boasted about recording conversations before. When it suits him he will bring the recording up. So Temba teaches people to be careful around him. He does not care what relationship is there. Temba does not care about relations.
Being that as it may there is nothing new which has been said in this audio.

The audio exposes the intelligence gaps.  Jonathan Moyo has strong connections in the security sector, civil service, and in government. He now has recruited Temba.  So a better recheck and reshuffling  in these sectors is necessary.

Temba cannot deny setting Tagwirei up. There should be trust in politics. And loyalty can never be betrayed so Temba is not loyal. He can be dangerous and indeed he is.

Tagwirei as a presidential advisor was putting his ears on the ground. So there no embarrassment in this audio. The greatest loser is Mliswa. He calls himself a  game changer but as from now no one will ever trust him.
There is no reason to jump up and down about the  audio. It discloses nothing. It is a loud sounding nothing. Smoke in the windy area.

This audio has neither shaken nor exposed Mnangagwa's rule.

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