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Matabeleland collective, Mnangagwa dialogue noble

25 Aug 2020 at 09:30hrs | Views
CIVII society organisations are not homogenous, even when they are in the same province, district, city or village. I am alive to the reality that in any struggle, some civil society organisations pursue dialogue while others pursue confrontation.

Those who pursue dialogue are always accused by those who prefer confrontation of being in bed with the authorities. There are merits and demerits in both confrontational and persuasive advocacy.

Confrontation without accommodating dialogue is meaningless in the long term. Dialogue if taken seriously leads to more compromise.

In both approaches, research and social capital are very important factors. Without the social capital to gain the trust and confidence of the target authorities, one might not achieve what they desire in the medium to long term.

The move by the Matabeleland Collective to pursue dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, while not perfect, is a noble and progressive initiative, which will eventually open dialogue on the specific aspects of justice for all the victims.

The sincerity of Mnangagwa cannot at this stage be correctly interpreted, only to say, he has availed himself on these issues. The fight among colleagues in the Matabeleland CSOs is depressing. My hope is that they will find each other one day before it is too late.

Attacking each other and seeking solace on social media solidarity is not the best way of handling conflict on sensitive socio-economic and political developments. None is better than the other.

Creating false narratives about who is right or wrong is entrench-ing unnecessary differences. Let us rebuild Zimbabwe in our own spheres without eroding the efforts of the other. Everyone has an important role to play.

Let us put aside our pride and superiority complex and humble ourselves before God and each other. We gain nothing by fighting over who is right or wrong. Everyone is right in their own eyes. I have so much respect for the colleagues from Matabeleland CSOs.

A significant number of them have on several occasions proven to be consistent and principled on issues of democratic governance. It would be most unfortunate if these colleagues expect us to take sides with any of them.

A solution to the root causes of underdevelopment in Matabeleland is a plus for the broader socio-economic development of Zimbabwe.

There has to be patience with each other. This is a long sensitive path to walk on.

Source - newsday
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