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Robert Mugabe: Remembered for the tragic direction he led Zimbabwe

08 Sep 2019 at 21:22hrs | Views
Dear Editor

In nearly for decades in power, Robert Mugabe devastated a country with enormous potential. He slaughtered political opponents in the 1980s, used the army to try and eliminate the Ndebele speakers. He enriched his family and inner circles through massive corruption and catastrophically mismanaged the economy, turning the breadbasket of Africa into the basket case of Africa with an inflation rate that Venezuela would be ashamed of and a human rights record that North Korea would be proud of.

Now the whole population of Zimbabwe requires international food assistance. He unleashed state-sponsored brutality on Zimbabwean civilians. He was a terrorist and a criminal who should have faced justice here on this earth. He managed to destroy a prosperous nation, causing problems that will take a generation to fix.

Mugabe believed Zimbabwe was his. The level of intimidation and terror him and Mnangagwa unleashed on helpless Zimbabwean citizen is despicable/heinous. A true dictator and despot.

Came to power after the Zimbabwean independence soon monopolized power, betrayed allies and friends, eliminated them to institute his ruthless corrupt regime. Mugabe was a violent, racist thief and a dictator who stole white people's farms.

Now entombed in eternal flames Rob has no more power. He left his henchman Emmerson Mnangagwa who has turned Zimbabwe into a land of no return for Zimbabweans displaced all over the world. I won't cheer his death, but see no reason to celebrate his life either.

Human Rights Activist

Bigboy Sibanda

Source - Bigboy Sibanda
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