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Open Letter to the soul of R.G. Mugabe (currently in the purgatory)

13 Sep 2019 at 10:58hrs | Views
The coffin of the late former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe at his residence in Harare, Sept. 12, 2019.
Dear Comrade RG,

I know that you are currently in the purgatory while waiting for your verdict from the almighty. There is no doubt that you are in great fear and shivering. Your chances of going either to paradise or hell are balanced (50:50). I am writing this piece to remind you about the good and the evils that you did to the Zimbabweans during your dynasty. I failed to define you at this moment but I am convinced that you were collectively an icon and an evil president.

Mr. RG, why are you refusing to be buried at the national shrine? Apart from being a person behind its establishment, you forced Tekere, Christ Ushehwokunze and others to be buried at the national shrine against their wishes. Do you think you are so special? What are you going to tell God if this question is going to be raised?

Mr. RG, you are complaining (according to your family and clan) that president ED Mnangagwa grabbed power from you via coup and refused to apologize. You grabbed victory from the late Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008 and refused to apologize. You just died with the truth of what happened to Tsvangirai victory. Why did you refuse to apologies to Tsvangirai?  

Why should you want ED Mnangagwa to apologize and ask for forgiveness when you never forgave during your life time? You killed 20,000 innocent Zimbabweans in Matabeleland and died before giving out an apology? You only accepted that it was a moment of madness. Why should ED Mnangagwa apologize to you?

You refused to forgive our freedom fighters. Ndabaningi Sithole and Chikerema were not recognized for their great contributions to the liberation of Zimbabwe because of you. I believe that you planned not to be buried at the national shrine because of this.

Mr. RG, there are a lot of cabinet ministers and political enemies who either disappeared or died in mysterious car accidents as well as alleged suicides. Rashiwe Guzha, Itai Dzamara and other activists are still at large. You know what happened to all these people but decided to snick before telling us what happened to them. If you did not ask for forgiveness, why should ED apologize to you? I am reminding you as you are waiting for your verdict (while still in the purgatory) that the souls of these people will demand answers from you. We do not know what happened to Tongogara?

Mr. RG, you did well by creating good education system since 1980. Bursaries were even extended to the university levels. By the time before the ED Mnangagwa coup, the education system had been destroyed by you. You constructed a beautify house and destroyed it. I cannot give you credit on what you constructed and destroyed.

Mr. RG, Zimbabwe became the breadbasket of Africa during your time but we are now importing maize from Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia etc. I cannot give you credit for land reform because you abused it. You gave several farms to your family and ZANU PF crooks leading to a perennial hunger in Zimbabwe. Today, ED is giving back the land to the whites. You should convince us as to why we should give you credit for the land reform?

You once created a powerful economy in Zimbabwe but by the time you disappeared from us, you left a teacher earning US$66. You created a viable economy and destroyed it before leaving to the other side. Should I give you credit for what you created and destroyed? The unemployment rate is above 80% because of you.

Mr. RG, you are a difficult person to define. However, you have left important lessons for all Zimbabweans for future. We now know that great people can also die just like us. If you use a sword, the same sword will turn against you. Vote rigging and power grabbing is short lived, you grabbed power from Tsvangirai and ED Mnangagwa grabbed it from you. If you forgive, others will also forgive you, however, if you don’t forgive others, others will also not forgive you.

Rest in power Gushungo. You are in my prayers while waiting for your judgment. I pray that God will forgive you. You have gone ahead of us but we will all meet and praise God at the end our journey.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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