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Harare water crisis a disaster

24 Sep 2019 at 19:18hrs | Views
There is no doubt that Chamisa's MDC is a total failure and a reflection of the bankruptcy of the opposition. Here was an opportunity to demonstrate capacity to lead, but the MDC has shown that it is a clueless bunch of opportunists.
In Bulawayo, their paraded tribalism as a virtue and extolled nepotism as excellence. They looted resources, parcelled out land among themselves and their cronies.

They despised the residents and behaved despicable against the executive  team of the City of Kings. Almost ten years later there is still no approved service provider for the city parking services.

The City has lost ten years of revenue as the councilors are prepared to fight to kill the City unless their favourite and compromised friends are awarded the tender. This is the pathetic alternative to the hopeless ZANU-PF governance. The country is cursed with selfish and self-absorbed chancers who see politics as an escape route from the grinding poverty.

This week the Harare Councilors published a statement that they will shut down water supplies for the whole city. This is dirty water. Undrinkable water. Contaminated water.  They are still unable to supply it.

They are places in Harare that have gone for 20 years with no drop of water. It is a charade of a fatal concoction.  That the Capital City of cholera can have an indefinite water shutdown is clearly unacceptable.

The Government of ZANU-PF with all its warts has never sunk to the abysmal levels of the MDC. There is need to remove all these MDC charlatans are replace them with a Commission. They have no clue or conscience.

They only know how to loot and steal. They are ruthless charlatans who are inviting all manner of diseases upon the city. The tragedy is that  a party that has no agenda for the towns it is controlling still believes it must govern the country.

The disappointing part is that such a failed party still wins elections in towns were people drink sewage water. They have just cut of the sewage water for everyone now. This is amazing beyond comprehension

Yours faithfully,
Langton Sibanda

Source - Langton Sibanda
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