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Open Letter: Response to Mbonisi Gumbo's story concerning Zesa

05 Feb 2020 at 12:44hrs | Views
Response to Mbonisi Gumbo's story concerning Zesa published yesterday 03 February 2020.

Following the article published here yesterday about the ZESA Bulawayo Thermal Power Station Operations Manager's supposedly misdemeanors, a lot of responses have been raised which prompted me to respond to the said article as a concerned Bulawayo Thermal Power Station employee watching from a distance, at the whole case as it had been published.

As a concerned citizen and employee in Bulawayo, I wish to see the region of Matabeleland participate in our national economic activities. Hence we can't ignore any detail on any issue.

The article depicted a scenario where Mr Machiwana is a very bad person who does not deserve to be working for ZESA, this can't be true because when he was appointed for that post he was the best guy for the job, so what has changed or gone wrong! There are fingerprints of manipulation in the whole issue.

 As far as I know a big Parastatal like ZESA should be having a clearly defined recruitment procedure. Such as requesting for staff recruitment, advertising for the Post, shortlisting of Candidates, and carrying out of Interviews with a proper set of Panelists who should assess and score anonymously and that process must come up with the Best Candidate for the Job. Which is what the Zesa company is doing. There should be no scenario where one man dictates the outcome. So it can't be true that the Operations Manager will then select workers from a particular province disadvantaging Matebeleland  region alone.

 Mr Machiwana doesn't always attend all interviews in his department as insinuated by Mr Gumbo's article.
Has ZESA regressed such that it now promotes its workers like they are at a farm? How does one become due for  promotion? Who decides that this one is due for promotion? If ZESA is using such a system then its subject to manipulation hence this uproar and seemingly hatred against the Operations Manager is misplaced.

I will recommend that Mthwakazi Republic Party or the author thereof dig deeper and audit the recruitment process at the Power Station am sure more truth will be revealed than what the Mthwakazi activists could have been told initially.

I have worked with Mr Machiwana and I know for a fact that this guy is a high Performer, his contributions are so evident from the time he joined the Station coming from Hwange. There is no way a manager can be a high performer whilst at the same time he hates his subordinates. So if he is a high Performer is it true that he hates Ndebele people? I strongly suspect manipulation from their sources.

I would want to see the Power Station operating well and producing electricity  for our City. I don't want people who want to politicise everything to the detriment of production. But at the same time I agree with Mthwakazi that let's have a policy that provides a safety net during recruitments for the locals.

I encourage the party activists or it's leadership to visit the Power Station to appraise themselves first hand so that they avoid being dragged into settling workmates differences as has been pointed by some in their comments on the earlier article.

To ZESA management the country requires electricity more than to hear our hatred of each other. This  organisation must have dispute resolution mechanisms that can be utilised internal rather than running to  Politicians because politician's resolution mechanisms are not sensitive to company procedures so please let's  be responsible on our part as employees and management.

To Mr Machiwana (I am assuming that indeed you are innocent and you are actually a victim because of your good standing at your work place and in the community you live in.) I regret the inconveniences caused though i am sure you understand this is part of occupational hazards and the sensitivity of the society you are in concerning tribalism and nepotism hence I hope you understand the strategic importance of the institution you are running.

I strongly believe that the HR manager is not as innocent as it was reported by Mbonisi Gumbo of Mthwakazi. As we are aware of his personal corrupt deals of asking for bribes from prospective employees.

Yours faithfully

Zesa Bulawayo Thermal  Power Station concerned employee.

Source - Zesa Bulawayo Thermal Power Station concerned employee
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