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Dear King Bulelani Khumalo

31 Mar 2020 at 15:47hrs | Views
Dear King Bulelani

KaLobhengula KaMzilikazi

Mbulazi, Mtungwa wena KaMatshobana, Wena KaNgwalongwalo,

In this unfortunate situation of Corona Virus, that we find ourselves in, I would like to write you from a place of grave concern and dissatisfaction.

Mbulazi omnyama, it was in 1823 when your great grand father King Mzilikazi visited the Palace of KwaSobazabanye of the Ndebele of AManala today, situated around Pretoria. He was welcomed by my great grand father King Sibindi. A relationship was built and destroyed between the two Kings and I will not want to dwell much on what happened between our great grandfathers.

Me and you have inextricable intertwined and interconnected history since 1823 till date.

As a Ndebele and a descendant of a Ndebele King, I find myself asking many questions during this Corona Quarintine time. This is much more so when the Quarintine, over years, started in Matebeleland, a place where your great grand fathers had built their Kingdom called Mthwakazi Kingdom.

Does the whole world see that Matabeleland was on Quarintine since 1893 when their Kingdom was destroyed by Cicil John Rhodes and the British South African Company? Does the whole world know that soon after the Independence of Zimbabwe in 1980 Matabeleland entered a Gukurahundi Quarintine where more than 20 000 innocent civilians died. Does the whole world know that after the so called unity accord, Matebeleland remained on systematic quarantine  until this day? Quarintine in employment circles on the basis of being Ndebele. Quarantine in education and not being admitted in Universities on the basis of being Ndebeles. Today they are on quarantine because of Corona virus but who knows the intention of  those who have been keeping them on quarantine since the destruction of their kingdom? Will they take advantage of the situation and destroy them further?

Mbulazi Omnyama in the height of oppression of Matebeleland people, there is a Kingship dispute within the Khumalo family. My question Mbulalzi omnyama is this: Is the throne or crown more important than the freedom of our people? Or let me put it this way, does the crown come first before the Freedom of the Kingdom? What happened to Inkosi Yinkosi NgamaNxeba ayo?

More than 5000 soldiers fell at the battle of Gadade, more than 20 000 people died during Gukurahundi genocide partly because there were part of the Kingdom that your great grand father built. Some were even told they are dying for claimed King Mzilikazi's raids. Are you prepared Mbulazi omnyama to free the Kingdom before  crown issue is settled ?

KaMatshobana, from your father upto King Lobhengula, there were princesses in exile and they died in exile. Will you want to go the same route of dying as a King in exile? Surely Mbulazi omnyama this is now time for radical call of the freedom of the people of Matabeleland who have suffered so much since the fall of the Kingdom built by your great grand father. Should people be afraid of freeing themselves more than dying of Corona virus? Or should you Mbulazi omnyama be afraid of Corona Virus more than taking a bullet for the people who died for being part of the Kingdom build by your forefathers?

As a Ndebele descendant of King Musi, Manala, Mabhena, Mdala and Sibindi I am morally obligated to get into trenches with whoever is willing to free the Ndebele people who have for years suffered economic, political and social segregation, marginalisation and victimisation all rolled as quarantine. Are you willing Mbulazi omnyama to get with me and many others who have died for advocating for the Freedom of Matebelend. When are we marching together with the spirits of Welsman Mabhena, Sydney Malunga, Lookout Masuku, King Lobhengula, Queen Lozikeyi, Bekithemba Sibindi, Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo, Dumiso Dabengwa and many dead in body but still much alive in their cause?

When are you joining Zenzele Ndebele who has worked so hard in documenting the Gukurahundi genocide injustices? When are you joining the likes of Thembani Dube , Thulani Nkala Woyane , Mqondisi Moyo , Busani Sibindi, whom in the height of oppression speak without fear for the freedom of Matabelend? When will you be counted amongst the Chiefs who stood against the oppression of the Ndebele nation like Chief Vezi Maduna and Chief Khayisa Ndiweni? Still wondering Mbulazi omnyama is the crown bigger than the freedom of the people? Does one has to wait to be not a King in exile to fight for his people's freedom?

From Cape Town, the like of Yanga Mhluzi , Siphelo Mtshetsha , Dlodlo Pro-SizaNkosi , the achitects of uloyiko have risked everything to fight for the people of Matabeleland and my Question Mbulazi Omnyama is this: When are you joining these soldiers?

KaMatshobana when are you joining the Matabeleland academics Prof Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni , Dr Dinizulu Mbiko Macaphulana , Dr Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane , Siphosami Malunga, Advocate Sabelo Sibanda, Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga and many more who in turn became activist for the freedom of our people in Zimbabwe?

Ndabezitha, King Lobengula most likely died in exile and the crown princes died in exile. Are going to break this cycle? Will you negotiate for the freedom of you people or you will fight for it? Will you opt to be killed by Corona or any other disease or you will opt dying for the Freedom of your people?

Still wondering Ndabezitha what is the meaning of Inkosi yiNkosi ngamaNxeba ayo?

Ngithokoze mina wakwaSobazabanye.

Kind Regards

Ayanda Manala Sibindi

Source - Ayanda Manala Sibindi
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