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Open letter to the Minister of Local Govt and Rural and Urban Development Hon. July Moyo

27 Jun 2020 at 10:47hrs | Views
As concerned citizens, it is our belief that Local Government refers to the establishment of participatory and democratically elected structures that can identify with the needs of people at grassroots level and ensure the translation of the needs into actual programs and projects and mantainance of essential services.It is also our understanding that by "Decentralisation of Government powers",You are allowing self governance at local level by transferring powers to local authorities  to govern subjects,to safeguard against misappropriation of finance and abuse of power. Therefore,It is from our understanding of local governance which makes us understand why in 1993,Government introduced the post of Chief Executive Officer to the district councils whose sole mandate is being the chief adviser to council, Chief implementer,Government regulator and monitor. It is also our belief that the council chairman is elected by the councilors themselves as per the RDCs Act.We therefore believe that your relevant Ministry exercised the powers vested in it in 2005 to appoint Mr Parson Mlilo as the Chief Executive Officer of Bubi Rural District Council  to ensure good governance in our council and spearhead development in our mineral rich area which is attracting the interests of big companies because of the rich and vast mineral claims which has led to worrying cat fights at our respectable council. As concerned residents of Bubi,We have decided to address this letter to the Honourable Minister's office to ask you to probe Bubi RDC councillors and one former Councilors who happens to be a Zanu PF central committe member,who are engaging in activities that contravene the local government act as they are championing corruption in our constituency through the selling and allocation and sale of stands at Inyathi  Township without council approval.In terms of section 157 of the councils Act;,As the Honourable Minister, You can by written notice to Bubi RDC,Suspend councilors from exercising their functions if they have contravened the prevention of corruption Act (chapter 9:16) Therefore, Hon.Minister Moyo, We would like to bring to your attention that the following councilors and former councillor:

1.Clr Abednico Maphosa
2.Clr  M.B Siwela
3. Former Clr  Lot Mbambo
Have contravened this act through the illegal allocation and selling of residential and business stands in our community.We have it on authority that they are working with an MDC Alliance aligned pressure group calling itself the Inyathi Pressure Group which is not registered but operates informally and illegally pegs stands around the RDC Inyathi land.The above mentioned councilors, together with disgraced bogus Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni,are working with the group led by one Sydney Muyambi,A former Bubi RDC employee and a fierce Government critic who stood for Blessing  ' party to be MP and lost and he shares Chief Ndiweni's ideologies, Mduduzi and Thembani Khumalo,Sons to the late ZANU PF administrator,Mthenjwa khumalo who are pegging rural homes on planned council land and claiming to have the blessing of Chief Ndiweni.There is also Honest Ndlovu, The linkman between those who want to buy stands and the above mentioned councilors.He is the losing MDC Alliance councillor and shadow councillor for ward 11. He is the coordinator of the group and last among the hierarchy is Clifford Sibanda, A ZANU PF Central committe member and the brains behind the anonymous document that was written against the Bubi RDC CEO, Mr Patson Mlilo and also the organiser of the demonstration calling for his suspension and eventual termination of the contract.The afore mentioned councilors and Zanu PF Central committe members are fanning factionalism at the RDC and bringing the name of the ruling party into disrepute.Not only that but blocking the implementation of Government policies and the President's vision 2030 iniatives.

They want to collect taxes which are charged to land owners, mining allocation, licensed dealers and permit holders hence the sporadic and haphazard pegging. The MDC Alliance aliened pressure group has in the past invited the private media to it's staged demonstrations against Mr Mlilo alleging corruption yet the committee investigating the allegations from the letter have found nothing sinister about the CEO's operations. The Chief Ndiweni led Pressure group has gone to such an extent of dragging the name of the ZANU PF National Secretary for Administration, Hon.Obert Mpofu to the mud, accusing the CEO, Mr Patson Mlilo of being Honourable Mpofu's asset frontier in Bubi thereby calling for his ouster because they say he is safeguarding the interests of the ruling party's National Secretary for administration at the expense of the villagers yet the residents are fully aware of the unfounded allegations that are always leveled against Honourable Mpofu by Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni and surely Sibanda and Mbambo,Who wants to bully Our CEO and his team into giving him stands with his cronies for free because of being a member of ZANU PF's central committe and who is now refusing to pay rentals for a council dumper leased to him and when asked to pay, comes out guns blazing against the CEO, are truly sowing seeds of division in the ZANU PF run Council by disrupting council business and getting into bed with opposition losing candidates.We also have it on authority that ward 20 councilor, Clr Maphosa wants a managerial job at Motapa Mine,A joint venture between the RDC and Duration Gold mine owned by J Muire.The council is mining there with the community so should the mentioned councilor,who happens to be the Chairperson of the council's finance committee,would have contravened the councils Act which prohibits such appointments.Because of these councilors' actions,There is animosity between Bubi District Association Development Group which is aligned to the pressure group and the Inyathi Business Centre Progressive Stands Holders which is accused of supporting the CEO with the latter accusing the former of stifling development in the community.

Mr Mlilo  has been accused of allocating stands to the businesse association which boosts council coffers through rental payments.unfortunately, The business community has become reluctant in paying rent because of this conflict which has seriously affected revenue collection with Mr Mlilo being accused of collecting revenue from business leader on behalf of   the ZANU PF National Secretary for Administration, Hon.Obert Mpofu. We appeal to you Honourable Minister to please whip them into line as we do not condone corruption, political interference or factionalism in the running of our local authority. We cannot have our District lagging behind because of corrupt councilors.

issued by:
Concerned citizens of BUbi Rural District

Source - Concerned citizens of BUbi Rural District
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