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In Defence of Regular Elections: The Right to Vote and Rubbishing the Election Sabbath

12 Oct 2019 at 06:53hrs | Views
I am admittedly and violently against the Church proposed and so called Sabbath meant to give 7 years for Zimbabwe to get the political jigsaw puzzle right. The under pinning argument is that too much polarisation pervades the political space, elections are not necessary (for the next seven years) or they are not eventful and its same old story: ZANU PF always wins. There is an extension to the argument: The nation needs to heal etc etc

Very cursory and simplistic arguments if not superficial arguments l must say. Forgive my judgment but this is my opinion.

ZANU PF and the MDC Alliance has reportedly rubbished the clergy man's proposals.  Very good move l opine. Even if not so ,any support of the proposals by the two main political parties would be a betrayal of democracy and basically a selfish and self serving political initiative. The reason is simple, the right to vote and to be voted for is not only central to our democracy but its constitutional and or foundational to the social and political contract among citizens. An abrogation on this right is an aberration and satanic at worst.

The thesis that we must suspend elections is unlawful or unconstitutional. It's a direct subversion of the right to vote, be voted for and takes away the obligation on the state to hold regular elections every five years for the president, member of parliament (Senate and House Of Assembly) and Councillors. It's a coup on the constitution.

I hear loud cries that a referendum can be held and the "majority vote" will prevail. What are you smoking?

So called majoritarian issue is what brought this country down. Joshua Nkomo, the now famed Father Zimbabwe was hounded out of Zimbabwe and thousands killed to set up a one party state and because the "numerical majority" was prevailing. Spare us the double agony.

We had a coup in November 2017 and it was seemingly popular? The "majority" prevailed and where are we now? Supporting another coup supported by the church to suspend personal and constitutional rights is a no no no for me. Either the church move is out of ignorance or pure mischief. No matter the origins or motive the men of the cloth are wrong on this one. A friend on his Facebook timeline posted that suspending the constitution is like suspending the Holy Bible. l agree entirely. It's legally and spiritually untenable.

For those in the know ,and of you know you know the study on the origins of the State are clear that citizens gather together for the common good and set rules and principles and the best model for governance is democracy: Have rights to votes and be voted for and protect minorities and those with divergent views. Simple. Google the rest. Advocating for the suspension of the Constitution and attendant rights to vote is a violation of individual, constitutional and internationally guaranteed rights. l have voted on 4 Elections and none of candidates won and am happy and proud of the outcome. It's an expression of my minority view and l am ready to defend that right. My candidates have stood for what l think is right and that's democracy. For the above reasons anyone who is afraid of ZANUPF or losing elections and driving a self-serving agenda please boycott elections and voting. Voting is a right and choice.

If you don't want to vote and or voted for in 2023 please stay at home and watch TV ,read newspapers or get popcorn or take a walk. lf you can visit the rural areas or go abroad until results are announced. l am allergic to dictatorship .Its common cause. All forms of enhancing embalming and emboldening dictatorship l say no.

Don't get me wrong the church's starting premise is right. Zimbabwe is in crisis. We need a solution. Even my primary school kids tell me that daily. We can't suspend elections for that.

WE ,including the church need to push for legal and political reforms .This does not warrant a 7 year elections hiatus. No No No.

The church can do better...under the CJJP report it exposed Gukurahundi but seeking to go overboard and suspend my rights and the constitution aaaa, it's totally war. Don't vote or focus on your church issues. There is nothing wrong in proposing anything but don't come to my house and tell me to eat beef because l am a happy vegetarian. Stay away. Sizwile church kodwa the proposals are insane.

The right to hold regular elections is a pillar or an essential feature of the constitution .ln progressive democracies it's known that such features can't be amended by the courts or parliament. Simple. Simpleton views otherwise are ill advised, mis-informed and or mischievous.

I accordingly affirm my Personal Right to Vote and Rubbish the Election Sabbath as proposed by some church people.

Parting Shot:

lf you imagine that ZANU PF will reform in 7 years or reform itself out of power or you think the Zimbabwean problem will be solved by ZANU PF and MDC Alliance only get yourself some good whiskey or go for prayers NOW.

Happy weekend. These are my thoughts and am open for discussions!

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Source - Sindiso Mazibisa
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