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ZANU PF and Wrong Priorities

09 Aug 2020 at 18:23hrs | Views
United Nations is begging the world for US$250million to urgently feed starving Zimbabweans whilst the Zimbabwean government is looking for US$3.5billion to pay 4000 colonial white farmers. There has been a stampede in State Papers by Zanu PF functionaries to justify the Compensation of White Colonial Farmers by Government. Elder Chinamasa and my brother '2Boy' Mugwadi have told us that the Compensation is a Constitutional Obligation and must be applauded. Indeed its spelt out in Section 72 of the Constitution but, there are many other obligations that the State has towards the welfare of its people before Section 72.

 Chapter 2 of our Constitution (sections 8-34) spells out National Objectives to guide State and all institutions and agencies of Government. Section 19,20 and 22 speak of the State's responsibilities towards children,the elderly and persons with disabilities respectively. These are the most vulnerable amongst the population and more vulnerable now than ever due to Covid19. The government has an obligation to feed its people; provide Health Services and Social Welfare (sections 29 & 30). How ZANU PF government found it justifiable to prioritize Section 72 obligations at this point in times makes one wonder; is it real wrong priorities or there is a hidden carrot that was dangled to our elders to pay off  the former colonizers for something in return.
Elder Chinamasa in the Herald a few days ago seemed hopeful Sanctions would be removed with this Iscariot gesture by the government... I fell sick before concluding this article and Ooooops, it has already happened, Kuda Tagwirei has been placed under Sanctions. Wakey wakey Elder Chinamasa maybe we can sit down and talk about the Welfare of Zimbabweans as a priority. I guess they promised you funding after paying the kith and kin; you are being lied to and Kuda Tagwirei case is a proof of the reality. Feed your people, take care of your people and stop deals with the colonial farmers.

Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe

Source - Ms Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe
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